THERE has been an increase in infringements for people failing to wear seatbelts in Wagin and local police will continue to target the issue.
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Sergeant Paul Lydiate said there were too many people driving around town and not putting on their belts.

“We have been picking up a lot of people and drivers are either not wearing a seatbelt or they have not properly restrained their children with seatbelts,” he said.

“Not only is it costing them $500 each time, but what would happen to them or their children if they were involved in a car accident.

“We don’t want to see anybody get hurt and we would rather people keep their money.”

Sgt Lydiate said recent changes to drink driving laws were also a timely reminder for people to do the right thing.

The new laws, which came into effect last week, will see anyone caught driving with a blood alcohol content at or above 0.08 served with a notice that will immediately disqualify them from driving for two months.

The immediate disqualification would also apply to drivers failing to comply with a police request to provide a sample of blood or breath for analysis.

This replaces current laws, which allowed motorists caught driving at or above 0.08 to continue to drive until they were due to appear in court.

Anyone caught driving while disqualified under this new law will have their vehicle impounded under existing unlicenced driving laws and they will not be able to apply for an extraordinary driver’s licence.

“The penalties for drink driving offences have also doubled so the result can be quite costly,” Sgt Lydiate said.

“If you are caught with a blood alcohol of 0.08 the minimum fine is now $500 and the minimum disqualification is six months.

“Alternatively, if you are caught driving under the influence the minimum fine is $1600 and the minimum disqualification is 18 months.

“So the message here should be simple, don’t drink and drive.”

On a positive note, one traffic law that is being upheld in town is the 40km speed limit in the school zone.

“We are always out and about policing the school zone and for the most part everyone is obeying the speed limit.

“The teachers are really great at watching out for the children and so are the parents – everyone is looking out for each other and making it a safe place for the children by sticking to the limit.”

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