Betty Daly-King spoke at the Country Women’s Association (CWA) International Day. LG – CWA 2 Two genuine Portugal beer steins made their way from a Portuguese beer festival to Lake Grace.
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COUNTRY Women’s Association (CWA) members took themselves and a few friends on a “tour” of Portugal for this year’s International Day.

International Day is an opportunity to learn the culture and savour the tastes of another country.

Unable to locate a guest speaker to talk about experiences first hand of the life of the Portuguese, the CWA women burnt the midnight oil researching points of interest for their guests.

Portugal is renowned for its seafarers and explorers, the most famous of who is Vasco da Gama who opened up new trading routes.

Portugal formed quite an Empire, with areas of South America and Africa coming under their rule; eventually they were surpassed by other colonisers such as Spain, England and the Netherlands.

Predominantly of the Catholic faith, Portugal has close to 11 million citizens and has a land area of just over 92,000 square kilometres.

The climate ranges from Mediterranean through to semi-arid and is one of the warmest European countries with the annual average temperature ranging from 12 degrees Celsius in the mountainous interior in the north to 18 degrees in the south.

Officially neutral during World War II, Portugal had a local hero in Aristides de Sousa Mendes who defied the orders of his government by offering safe passage to 30,000 Jewish people, saving them from the concentration camps.

The Portuguese love their olives and enjoy their spicy food but they have a strong affection for their rooster.

The Portuguese rooster or Galo de Barcelos is a symbol of honesty, integrity, trust and honour and recognised as the unofficial symbol of the country.

One of the many versions of the town’s (Barcelos) famous rooster legends says a rich man threw a big party.

When the party was over, the rich man noticed that his sterling cutlery had been stolen by a guest.

He accused a passing pilgrim from Galicia and let him go to court where the pilgrim protested his innocence but the judge didn’t believe him.

As a last request before he was hanged he asked to appear before the judge again to declare his innocence.

The judge was dining with friends and about to eat a roasted rooster.

The judge still did not believe him and ordered his immediate execution, but the pilgrim said, “If I am innocent the rooster will crow three times”, which it did just as he was about to die.

The pilgrim was immediately released.

The CWA women cooked up a magnificent lunch of piri piri chicken, caldo verde soup and custard tart with citrus sauce, following by coffee and almond cakes.

By some coincidence Sheryl Smith drew out her own name for the door prize and then Suzanne Reeves drew out her own name too as the raffle winner.

The winner of a Sand ‘N’ Salt voucher that was kindly donated by the Pingaring CWA women was Deb Clarke.

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