WAGIN Bulldogs defeated Wickepin 3 42 to 21 in netball recently.
Nanjing Night Net

Most players seemed to still be in holiday mode but despite the laidback approach, Wagin still got on the ball and ensured the goals were going in.

Wickepin were playing with six players and managed well, but Wagin’s determination made the game a clear margin when it came to goal scoring.

With guest player Ayla Smith playing up from 16 and unders, she did an excellent job at being a handy goal shooter and working in well with Emily Gillespie.

Chelsea Johnson also worked in with shooting, her abilities are always magical to watch when she is defending.

With Jess Clifton and Kelly Edwards in defence, the opponents were easily rattled and created some animosity on court.

However this frustration needs to be channelled into constructive play and shouldn’t get the better of the player.

Wagin are passionate about getting the ball, and with mid court down one player, Mandy Harrington, Tammy Broom, new superstar to the team, and Emalee West all made it apparent that they were determined to get that ball to their shooters.

Wagin were leading the whole game, but had patches where they lacked energy to keep those strong passes coming.

The girls all enjoyed the game and had a good break ready and refreshed for some jam packed netball games ahead just before the finals.

With a midweek game played this week and Wagin versus Williams at 1pm this Saturday, all girls need to be rested, refreshed and ready for some serious game play.

The best players were Chelsea Johnson, Emalee West and Jess Clifton.

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