Clubs ready to unleash best under-18s

SOUTH Launceston and Launceston will meet in the Northern regional under-18 football grand final at Youngtown today.
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The Northern under-18 competition was formed this season to fill a void in the football pathway from under-16 football to State League colts.

It featured a 16-round roster administered by AFL Tasmania, with teams from South Launceston, Launceston and North Launceston taking part.

Matches against Southern under-18 teams were interspersed in the roster.

South Launceston finished on top of the ladder while Launceston finished third.

South Launceston coach Jacob Saunders said he expected an even contest in today's grand final and rejected the favourite tag despite his team holding a slight edge over the Blues during the roster season.

``It should be a good game and we will have to get on top early to win and keep that mindset throughout the game,'' he said.

Launceston coach Tim Elliott said he saw the grand final as a 50-50 contest.

``They finished on top but I think we have a good chance,'' he said.

``Our half-backs in Josh Burt and Jayden Holmes will need to play well and provide rebounds for us if we are to win.''

Elliott said the regional under-18 competition had been a success this season and the clubs were hopeful of Devonport joining next season.

The game starts at 9am.

Launceston under-18 captain Josh Burt and coach Tim Elliott with South Launceston grand final rival coach Jacob Saunders and South captain Jonty Swallow ahead of today's Northern regional under-18 football grand final at Youngtown. Picture: SCOTT GELSTON

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Ballarat’s favourite books

ARE you a fan of thrillers or romance? Do you dog-ear orbookmark? And what’s your favourite read of all?
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To celebrate the start of the Children's Book Council'sNational Book Week tomorrow, weasked some of Ballarat’s best to tell us about the book they couldn’t put down.

Tess Ryan, The Known World Bookshop (pictured above)

My favourite books are The Chronicles of Narnia by C.SLewis, because my mum read them to me when I was little and I have lovedfantasy books ever since. The stories and characters are very interesting.

Sharon Knight, Ballarat West MP

I think I was 13 when I first read A Tree Grows in Brooklynby Betty Smith, leaving me with the feeling that no matter what time inhistory, or how different a culture may be, I could still relate to the girl,Francie.

It was the first time I realised that there are alwayspoints of commonality between people, if you look hard enough.

Cr Mark Harris, Mayor, City of Ballarat

My favourite book has to be the Seven Pillars of Wisdom byT. E. Lawrence. It speaks to someone maybe my age, about Lawrence in the desertas an insurgent fighter in WWI, and a man troubled by weakeness and insecuritywe probably still see in normal life.

Andrew Allen, Superintendent, Ballarat Police

I guess the most interesting books for me to read have been the early Underbelly series by Sylvester and Rule. These books came out after the gangland murders during 2003 - 2005 when I was in charge of the original Purana Task Force investigating the homicides.

The interesting part for me was seeing how they were written, as I had a fair bit more knowledge behind the words in the books - although the writers captured the essence of the murders.

Gordon Morrison, Director, Art Gallery of Ballarat

My favourite book will always be J R R Tolkien's Lord of theRings trilogy, in which exists the most amazing “other world” that any author hasever created – a world that it is a pleasure to fall into every couple ofyears.

Catherine King, Ballarat MP

Asking me what my favourite book is like asking a parentwhich is their favourite child. I love reading and there are hundreds of booksin our house that I read over and over again.

If pushed, I would have to say March by Geraldine Brooks. Iloved reading Little Women when I was young and this book provides a differentperspective on that story and the Civil War in which it is set.

Judith Potter, Principal, Loreto College Ballarat

From my childhood, The Muddleheaded Wombat by Ruth Park.Wonderful memories of listening to the latest episode on the Children's Hourand then reading “my own book”. The joy of childhood of being transported to adifferent world!

Andrew Eales, Editor, The Courier

My favourite book is Catcher in The Rye by J. D.Salinger. I read it as a teenager at the height of the Gen X years - thecentral character Holden Caulfield would have fitted in perfectly in thatera.

Tess Ryan, 13, says her favourite read is the Narnia series. PICTURE: JUSTIN WHITELOCK

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Boy in court over attack

A teenage intruder who found a young mother at home with her baby pushed her from a window after trying to sexually assault her, NSW police say.
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Police arrested a 15-year-old boy yesterday and charged him with attempted sexual assault.

The 20-year-old victim was at home with her eight-month-old baby around 3.30pm on August 12 when the youth allegedly walked into her Summer Street home and attempted to sexually assault her before punching her and pushing her through an open window.

The youth then allegedly took cash from the property and ran out the front door where he was last seen riding a bike east along Summer Street towards Coronation Drive.

The woman was treated for bruising and shock.

Her child wasn’t touched during the attack.

Detectives from Canobolas LAC arrested the youth at a home in Orange at 8.30am yesterday.

He was charged with inflicting actual bodily harm with the attempted sexual assault, assault with an act of indecency, aggravated entering a dwelling with intent and theft.

He appeared in Orange Children’s Court yesterday afternoon, where he was refused bail and will remain in juvenile detention until his next court appearance in November.

A teenage intruder appeared in court yesterday, charged with attempting to sexually assault a 20-year-old woman in her Summer Street home.

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Roos aiming to keep hold of Melville Cup

WHILE their spot in the Blowes Clothing Cup finals is guaranteed, there is plenty at stake for Dubbo Kangaroos when they take to the field against Dubbo Rhinos on Saturday.
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The Roos can cement a top-three position on the ladder and could sneak as high as second if Narromine falls to Parkes.

There is also the small matter of the Mark Melville Cup and six months of local bragging rights.

The Roos escaped with a 12-8 win in their round nine encounter, which was played in a mudpit at No.1 Oval.

But with a fast track assured for Saturday, there is the potential for plenty of points to be scored.

Roos second-rower James Skuthorp said the key for his side will be to start well against their cross-town rivals, who will be keen to perform ahead of their 20th anniversary reunion later in the night.

“They will have a point to prove in all grades I think, so we have to turn up and be enthusiastic right from kick-off,” Skuthorp said.

“If we give them an inch they will hang around all day so the key for us will be to start well and try to take some of the emotion out of it because they play a lot on emotion.

“We’ve spoken at training about they fact they will be up for the challenge but the game means a fair bit to us as well.”

The Roos currently hold the Melville Cup courtesy of the win earlier in the year, when four penalty goals was enough to secure the victory, and they don’t want to give it up.

They also don’t want to give up the momentum created by three successive wins in recent weeks.

“We’ve won three straight and are playing some good footy, but that changes if we go into the finals on the back of a loss,” Skuthorp said.

“We’d like to hang on to the Melville Cup and if results go our way we can get into second place and host the final against Narromine next week.

“From our point of view though, we can’t control the result at Parkes so we just need to worry about playing with the structure we have over the past few weeks and try to get over Rhinos.

“They have some swift backs and thrive on broken-field play so if we can hang onto the ball we can really take that out of the equation and make things a lot easier for ourselves.”

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Survivors unite for brain injury message

A BRAIN injury can leave you a very different person.
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For Susan Guy, of Launceston, a car accident at the age of 17 left her unable to talk, walk or eat.

These were skills that she had to learn all over again.

Yesterday, she joined the Beaconsfield mine collapse survivor Brant Webb to highlight Brain Injury Awareness Week, August 13 to 19.

Mr Webb, of Beauty Point, has been named as a national Bangonabeanie ambassador to highlight the risks and effects of an acquired brain injury.

He was diagnosed with a brain injury after he walked free from the Beaconsfield mine in 2006.

``When I first came out of the mine, everything seemed fine, we walked out under an adrenaline rush,'' Mr Webb said.

``The only major injury I had was five disks that had had blown out.

``But eventually I had depression, I was very lethargic and my family said I wasn't the same person.''

Mr Webb said one of the most important aspects of his job was to highlight to families the symptoms of a brain injury so they knew when to seek help for a loved one who may have been injured at work.

According to the Tasmanian Acquired Brain Injury Services committee of management member Mandy Brown, an estimated 2500 Tasmanians sustain a brain injury each year.

However, due to the low rate of diagnosis, it is likely the true number of people with a brain injury is much higher, she said.

For more information visit www.bangonabeanie南京夜网.au

Brant Webb and Susan Guy talk about Brain Injury Awareness Week. Picture: PAUL SCAMBLER

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Thanks for saving my life

TEAM EFFORT: Paramedic intern Daniel Clark hugs James Cantrill’s mother Christine Cantrill while surrounded by the emergency services team that saved James’s life - (l-r) Senior Constable Jo Little, senior firefighter David Beattie, Constable Mark Whieldon, Orange Fire and Rescue NSW station officer Matt Jeffery, Inspector Peter Atkins, senior paramedic Matt Pickering, senior firefighter Tim Collins and senior firefighter Dean Brus. Photo: JUDE KEOGH 0817james2 GIFT OF LIFE: James Cantrill thanks paramedic intern Daniel Clark for helping to save his life while senior firefighter Dean Brus, family friend Rosslyn Badcock and senior firefighter Tim Collins look on. Photo: JUDE KEOGH 0817james3
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“I’M happy to be back and I owe it all to you.”

This was the message James Cantrill had for the emergency services team that saved his life.

Mr Cantrill, 28,suffered horrific injuries in a car accident on Cargo Road on August 1. He woke up four days ago.

“I’m here to tell the tale and I have all of you guys to thank for it,” he told the emergency services team as they crowded into his hospital room yesterday.

Ambulance station officer Matt Pickering was one of the first on the scene of the accident. He said he never thought anyone would have the opportunity to speak to Mr Cantrill again.

“It’s nice to have a job where it ends in this way,” he told Mr Cantrill.

“I didn’t think I’d ever be telling you.”

Mr Pickering said he didn’t expect Mr Cantrill to be alive when he pulled up in the ambulance on that fateful morning. He was shocked when Mr Cantrill opened his eyes.

Christine Cantrill, James’s mother, said if it wasn’t for the extraordinary efforts of the emergency team and the doctors at Orange Health Service her son wouldn’t be alive.

“I just wanted so much to thank you all for the extraordinarily steady care you took of him,” she said.

“The doctors in Sydney told me they had never received a patient so well packaged.

“They said the only reason he is still here is because everyone in Orange did such an amazing job of caring for him ... the fact they went so steady.”

Mrs Cantrill hugged everyone of the team as they entered the hospital. She said while the fire crew pulled her son from the wreckage and the ambulance officers treated him, the police gave her the moral support she needed to stay strong.

Mr Pickering said he was just so happy to be able to give Mr Cantrill’s family the amazing gift of life.

“It’s a wonderful gift that everyone was a part of,” he said.

“It’s a testament to the many, many people that helped.”

Mr Pickering said the fire brigade should be commended because he had never seen a more complicated rescue operation.

Orange Fire and Rescue NSW station officer Matt Jeffery said Mr Cantrill’s survival wasn’t just down to the efforts of the rescue crew.

“There’s always a sense of achievement when you remove the person in the same state they were in or better but really it was everybody involved,” he said.

“Everyone contributed to a percentage.”

Mr Jeffery and Mr Pickering said they would have been useless if Orange nurse Karen Fahy hadn’t pulled over at the scene.

“He would have been dead by the time we got there, she kept his airway open,” Mr Pickering said.

Mrs Cantill and her husband Peter said they wanted to thank all of their friends who supported them and helped out on the farm while they were at Westmead Hospital with their son.

Mrs Cantrill said her son was on the mend but not yet out of the woods.

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Cabonne accused of cutting corners

ROADworks must be conducted by private contractors as councils aren’t doing a good enough job Cabonne residents say.
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Lifelong Burrendong Way resident Ron Fanning said Centofanti corner past Mulyan Road is still a black spot despite Cabonne Council spending $710,000 on upgrades.

“This is worse now, it’s still a terrible black spot,” he said.

“It should have a guard rail and they should have cut out all the gumtrees.

“You can’t see past the bend if you come off you go straight into the gully or into those trees.”

Mr Fanning and resident Charlie Smith said they believed council ran out of money before they completed the job.

Mr Fanning said the works should have been carried out by private contractors.

“At least the job would have been done then,” he said.

Outgoing Cabonne councillor Kevin Duffy said this was just one of the reasons why regional councils need a shake-up.

“The select tender process has to go out of councils’ hands,” he said.

“You would get better value for money, a private contractor wouldn’t get paid until the job was done.”

Cr Duffy said Cr Janelle Culverson’s family conducts roadworks for Cabonne Council.

Cr Culverson said she always declares her interest at council meetings and because of the interest she was unable to provide comment.

Cabonne Council spokesperson Dale Jones previously stated that all works carried out on Burrendong Way were to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) specification.

Mr Jones said the RMS approved the design and the completed job.

Cr Duffy said he had doubts about the suitability of the design.

“I question whether the design was done properly in the first place,” he said.

“As you can see from the photos there’s no difference.”

Mr Fanning said he suspected the design didn’t include the northern end of Burrendong Way.

“They’ve just left this end and have done nothing,” he said.

“Those trees that are right there if you come off the road, are they in the RMS specifications?”

[email protected]南京夜网

IN DEEP: Cabonne resident Ron Fanning is hard to spot in a gully next to Burrendong Way at Centofanti corner. Photo: NICOLE KUTER

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Forum for water and sewerage charges

BUSINESS operators are about to get the chance of relief from what they say are excessive water and sewerage charges, with a forum being organised with the service provider.
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Launceston Chamber of Commerce executive officer Michael Bailey said the chamber and Ben Lomond Water yesterday agreed to the forum so water and sewerage charges for businesses could be explained and customers could ask questions.

Mr Bailey said he expected the forum would be held next month, and would be a working lunch for up to two hours.

The forum follows concerns this week from Launceston business leaders that they were being charged too much and Ben Lomond's charges were unfair.

He said today's meeting that decided on the forum produced good information from the water and sewerage corporation, so he expected the forum would also be useful.

A Ben Lomond Water spokeswoman said the corporation was keen to explain its position and urged anyone with concerns to attend, as they would get answers.

She said the three-year price and service plan that began on July 1 was fixed, but a lower bill was possible through a reassessment of individual businesses.

The corporation uses various criteria, such as the type of business or the fittings at the business, to determine the bill.

If a business assessment was wrong, the charges would be adjusted.

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Rangers aiming  to bounce back at home

The Northern Premier League has come down to the final round with Northern Rangers needing a win against Somerset to take the title and Ulverstone praying for an upset to keep it on top.
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Rangers coach Peter McBeath is confident of bouncing back from last week's 4-3 loss and getting a home win.

Goalkeeper Marshall Pooley will replace teenager Alex Bligh, and Agele Luate will start in place of Pat Lanau-Atkinson, who is injured.

Somerset coach John Wheeler said the Sharks would be without Ryan Liston and Justin Noonan while Danny Eaves, Ross Smith and Alex Duggan come into the side.

Devonport's chance of overcoming Ulverstone's goal difference is unrealistic, which means the best it can hope for is a Somerset win to secure a home final if it beats Riverside Olympic.

Coach Chris McKenna said midfielder Jesse Curran returned for his first senior start for the second half of the season and would replace Bradley Chilcott, who was interstate. Nat Cochrane is also back in the team and replaces Grant Ashdown.

Olympic coach Troy Scott said his side would remain in the top four with a win. Defender John O'Neill comes back at the expense of Matt Chapman.

The winner of the Prospect Knights and Launceston City derby can jump into the top four if Riverside loses.

Chris Pickering, Sean Harris and Andy Compagne are back in the squad but Sam Cocks and Anton La Palombara are out, as is Mark Baker, who was sent off last week.

City coach Lino Sciulli said a top-four finish had been the club's goal this season. Sam Cocker will start his first senior game of the year and Mitchell Dent is back from injury, while Kemouh Tamba and Nick Goodwin are unavailable.

Launceston United will finish its most successful season in several years against Burnie United.

Launceston coach Mark Egan said the team was proud of its season after finishing bottom for the past few years.

Shannon Rumbel is suspended and will be replaced by reserves keeper Pat Farrell, while Jess McNeil comes back into the side in place of Brendan Daley.

Burnie coach Tony Cocker said the club was going to enjoy its last bus trip of the year and hopefully get a result.

Malcolm Walters is out with injured ankle ligaments and Adrian Scolyer is overseas. The two will be replaced by Dominic Colbert and Adrian Scolyer respectively.

6pt UNIV INTO HELIOS; Starts in UNIV, breakback goes to helios, loops on breakbacks.TODAY'S GAMES - Northern Rangers v Somerset at NTCA ground; Devonport City v Riverside Olympic at Valley Road; Prospect Knights v Launceston City at Prospect Park; Launceston United v Burnie United ar Birch Avenue; Bye: Ulverstone.

Somerset's Danny Eaves returns to the side for today's vital clash against Northern Rangers. A Rangers win will seal the title for the Launceston side.

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Blues wary of Bulldogs 

LAUNCESTON coach Anthony Taylor wants his side to back up its four-quarter performance last week against the Northern Bombers when it takes on South Launceston at Youngtown today.
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``We've been focused on getting that four-quarter performance for quite a while and we were able to achieve that and now it's about consistency and backing up again this week,'' Taylor said.

``It doesn't matter where you play South you are in for a tough contest so they will go into this game at Youngtown with the belief they can really push us.''

He said the Blues had played well at Youngtown previously and the ground held no fear for them.

Taylor said Launceston needed to repeat performances like last week's in its final two games in its quest to gain the double chance.

South Launceston is coming off successive wins over Hobart and Devonport and coach Mitch Thorp was rapt to get through unscathed in his first game back last week.

``I was a bit nervous before the game but with the adrenalin of playing footy again I got through the whole four quarters and it was fantastic for the team to have a good result and I was really pleased with the way they played last weekend,'' Thorp said.

``Launceston are a fantastic side - very professional and well-coached but we've laid some really solid foundations this year.

``Our young blokes are not just young boys . . . now they're young men and it's time we start really looking forward to playing teams like this.''

The Blues won by 60 points the last time the two teams met at Youngtown in the game in which Thorp broke his leg.

``Since then we've gained a lot of confidence in the games we've played,'' Thorp said.

``We played against Clarence up here where we lost by 29 points.

``That's a good sign we can match it with these top teams if we apply ourselves for four quarters.''

The Bulldogs have their best team available except for Chris Taylor who will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.

Launceston coach Anthony Taylor.

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