ROUND six of the Ongerup Football Association was played at the weekend.
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Lake Grace/Pingrup 20.16 (136) defeated Gnowangerup 15.6 (96).

Best players: Lake Grace/Pingrup: Dennis Gittos, Daniel Trevenen, Marcus Trevenen.

Gnowangerup: Elliot Richardson, Luke Mickan, Lomas Ugle.

Goal Scorers: Lake Grace/Pingrup: Rohan Trevenen 4, Matthew Trevenen 4, Alex Duckworth 3.

Gnowangerup: Craig Webster 6.

Gnowangerup came out strong in the first half, but Lake Grace/Pingrup proved too resilient and went away with the game in the second half.

Newdegate 18.11 (119) defeated Boxwood Hills 13.8 (86).

Best players: Newdegate: Harvey Lynch, Dean Rintoul, Clint Westlake.

Boxwood Hills: Alex Baum, Clint North, Glenn Peacock.

Goal scorers: Newdegate: Clint Westlake 8.

Boxwood Hills: Glenn Peacock 3.

Newdegate had control of the game but Boxwood Hills continued to challenge them in what was a good close game of footy.

Borden 42.28 (280) defeated Kent 6.1 (37).

Best players: Borden: Wayne Bolton, Brock Ramsay, Jamie Bolton.

Kent: Glynn Verbruggen, Barry Jolley, Allan Hobley.

Goal scorers: Borden: Craig Bolton 12.

Kent: Glynn Verbruggen 4.

A good game by both sides.

Jerramungup bye.

Leading goal scorers: Karl Fleay (LG/P) 45; William Parker (J) 35; Craig Webster (G) 30; Clint Westlake (N) 19; Michael Lester (J) 17; Craig Bolton (B) 17.


Gnowangerup 16.8 (104) defeated Lake Grace/Pingrup 13.4 (82).

Boxwood Hills defeated Newdegate by forfeit.

Borden bye.

Jerramungup bye.


Lake Grace/Pingrup 14.23 (107) defeated Gnowangerup 3.2 (20).

Boxwood Hills 12.9 (81) defeated Newdegate 5.10 (40).

Borden bye.

Jerramungup bye.

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