Dumbleyung Shire Landcare Zone facilitator and grants officer Cara Badger and manager of works and services Jeff Alderton examine the site and plans for the local bike plan in Dumbleyung.THE Dumbleyung Shire Council recently adopted its local bike plan.
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The plan was obtained with Department of Transport funding through the Local Government Regional Bicycle Network funding.

It is intended to create a Local Bike Plan for the towns of Dumbleyung and Kukerin.

Mike Maher of Transplan Pty Ltd came down during the Christmas/New Year break and rode around both towns with Landcare Zone facilitator and grants officer Cara Badger.

From this he developed a draft and put it out for community consultation, which recently ended.

The plans cover a number of things, but Mr Maher concentrated on looking at quality of bike facilities and paths, what routes people would use to major facilities like the post office, shop and school and spoke with the teachers about how many students rode to school.

Now that this plan is in place, the shire can apply for future funding through the same scheme to adopt these recommendations.

This funding would also be used to improve and maintain paths and infrastructure.

The plan reinforces the importance of a healthy lifestyle, looks at the impact on the environment and takes into consideration accessibility as a multipurpose path which wheelchairs, prams and gophers would be able to use.

Manager of works and services Jeff Alderton said now the plan was adopted it opened up dual opportunities to apply for funding not just for implementing the plan, but to improve the existing footpaths in both Dumbleyung and Kukerin, including providing better access for prams and gophers from paths onto streets.

Mr Alderton said it was hoped that work could begin this financial year, depending on funding availability.

Although not in the first stage of the plan, he said eventually a walkway/cycle way would extend through the centenary park area in Dumbleyung.

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