THERE was some great action in the Upper Great Southern Football League last weekend, when the Narrogin Hawks went close to settling the question of who would finish in fourth place, falling just short when they went down by seven points to Boddington on Saturday.
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A win by Hawks would have given them sufficient advantage of their two rivals and it wasn’t from lack of trying.

There was less than a goal between the two sides at each break as Boddington were also looking for a good win to keep their sights on second place.

It was to and fro right from the first bounce as both sides worked hard to get on top.

The pressure applied all over the ground caused many turnovers but no one was able to take real advantage and get a break.

Just before three quarter time, Boddington kicked a goal which gave them the lead by three points at the break.

They then looked to be taking control of the game with three goals in the early part of the final term and Hawks were having some trouble getting into their attacking zone with the Boddington midfielders rebounding each time the Hawks defenders tried to clear.

Just as the game seemed to be petering out, Eagles eased back a little and Hawks seized their chance and came back into the game with a couple of quick goals, and looked to be overtaking their opponents.

Time was ticking by and Boddington were fighting hard to maintain their lead with Hawks now putting on the pressure and looking dangerous.

Unfortunately, the last line of the Eagles defence held firm and scrambled the ball out of danger in a couple of last ditch attacking moves by Hawks, and the final siren sounded with Boddington in front by just seven points.

Kade Ransted was in good form in front of goals for Eagles and finished with six goals with Brenton Luttrell and James Thompson the best for the home side.

Ralph Kickett was the leading goal kicker for Hawks with four and the side was well served by Dean Keighran who was in everything and backed up well by Luke Fields.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung maintained their hold on second place with another resounding win – this time over Brookton/Pingelly.

Panthers have battled for numbers in recent weeks and had no option but to forfeit their reserves game due to lack of players, and the result in the league game was never in doubt.

Cougars had 14 scoring shots to nil in the first term and had little trouble in running out winners by 152 points for another big win and percentage boost.

Luke Tucker and Troy Ditchburn each kicked six goals and were rated as the best players for their side.

There were no multiple goal kickers for Panthers, with Troy Bassett and Travis Allington trying their best all day to lift the side.

Wickepin moved into fifth place with a comfortable win over Wagin at Wickepin.

Warriors have been steadily improving and are now in a position to seriously challenge for a finals spot.

Wagin are another side who have found real problems in being able to field a regular league side, and were no match for Wickepin on Sunday.

After a fairly close first quarter, Wickepin broke the shackles in the second term to lead by nine goals at the half-time break, and then sealed the issue with an 11 goal to two second half, to win by 113 points.

Caen Taylor for Wickepin had a day out and was a real focal point up forward, kicking 14 of his side’s 21 goals.

He was also rated as his side’s best player and was supported by a number of players who gave a good team effort.

Ben Luscombe, back after a couple of months out with a broken wrist, was Wagin’s only multiple goal scorer, with Todd Richards and Dane Tulley Wagin’s best.

Williams showed that they are getting back to their early season form when they dented Wanderers hopes for a finals berth by beating them by 99 points.

Wanderers managed to stay reasonably close for the first three quarters and were down by four goals heading into the final term.

Wanderers had no answer to the Cats during a devastating last quarter however, when they kicked 12 goals three with Wanderers able to score only two points.

Cats have sealed up top place on the ladder for this season, and Wanderers still have a chance of competing in the finals with wins in the final two games depending on how their rivals go.


Kukerin/Dumbleyung versus Brookton/Pingelly at Stubbs Park


Kukerin/Dumbleyung 6.8, 14.12, 20.17, 27.21 (183) defeated Brookton/Pingelly 0.0, 1.0, 3.3, 4.7 (31).

Goal scorers: Kukerin/Dumbleyung: L Tucker 6. T Ditchburn 6, J Ward 4, P Joyce 3, S Jefferis 3, C Davidson 1, K Gooding 1, K Patterson 1, N Ditchburn 1, L Joyce 1.

Brookton/Pingelly: T Allington 1, B Cunningham 1, K McKain 1, D Kirk 1.

Best players: Kukerin/Dumbleyung: T Ditchburn, L Tucker, P Joyce, K Gooding, W Cook, M Roberts.

Brookton/Pingelly: T Bassett, T Allington, K McKain, D Atkins, L McCallum, A Gray.


Kukerin/Dumbleyung won on forfeit from Brookton/Pingelly.


Brookton/Pingelly 5.2, 7.3, 14.6, 16.9 (105) defeated Kukerin/Dumbleyung 0.0, 1.3, 2.4, 3.7 (25).

Goal scorers: Brookton/Pingelly: D Kirk 4, T Blechynden 3, B Parsons 2, W Garland 2, J Hughes 1, M Smith 1, J Wiles 1, B Fairhead 1, K Hughes 1.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: B Saggers 2, C Spark 1.

Best players: Brookton/Pingelly: J Wiles, D Kirk, B Parsons, J Hughes, T Blechynden, W Garland.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: C Robertson-0Hall, M Smith, N Peake, J Randall, R Overington, B Saggers.


Brookton/Pingelly 8.3, 13.6, 15.9, 19.9 (117) defeated Kukerin/Dumbleyung 0.0, 1.3, 1.3, 4.5 (29).

Best players: Brookton/Pingelly: T Blechynden, T Kirk, S Williams, B Fairhead, L Kirk, J Blechynden.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: C Ditcdhburn, N Kiurk, C Spark, Z McDougall, J West, M Browne.

Boddington versus Narrogin Hawks at Boddington


Boddington 4.2, 7.4, 10.8, 13.9 (87) defeated Narrogin Hawks 4.3, 6.5, 10.5, 12.8 (80).

Goal scorers: Boddington: K Ransted 6, A Durack 3, D Beach 1, T Bruce 1, R Gillingham 1, B Luttrell 1.

Narrogin Hawks: R Kickett 4, P Quartermaine 2, B Stott 2, D Keighran 1, C Allison 1, S Harrison 1, L Field 1.

Best players: Boddington: B Luttrell, J Thompson, T Bruce, K Ransted, A Durack, C Beavis.

Narrogin Hawks: D Keighran, L Fields, L Davis, S Boughton, P Quartermaine, S Broad.


Narrogin Hawks 2.3, 6.6, 9.10, 15.10 (100) defeated Boddington 0.0, 1.1, 4.1, 7.1 (43).

Goal scorers: Narrogin Hawks: R Edgley 6, J Draper 3, F Collard 2, A Eades 1, T Lock 1, R Bates 1, D Noel 1.

Boddington: R Manson 3, J Guy 1, J Hay 1, J Reid 1, M Salmeri 1.

Best players: Narrogin Hawks: M Alexander, M Fazey, T Lock, R Edgley, C Potter, S Nelson; B – T Hair, D Hay, CG Wilson, R Rogers, T Hughes, J Dickson.


Boddington 1.6, 1.7, 5.8, 8.13 (61) defeated Narrogin Hawks 1.0, 5.3, 6.4, 7.8 (50).

Goal scorers: Boddington: K Hill 3, M Salmeri 1, J Lowden 1, L Gillespie 1,L Harris 1, D Thorne 1.

Narrogin Hawks: M Abraham 3, N Miller 1, H Hicks 1, A Sims 1, B Kempton 1.

Best players: Boddington: M Salmeri, C Salmon, K Hill, J Goodridge, L Harris; NH – T Mead, M Abraham, M Holmes, L Bushby.


Narrogin Hawks 2.6, 5.10, 8.14, 16.19 (115) defeated Boddington 0.0, 0.1, 2.2, 2.2 (14).

Best players: Narrogin Hawks: B Heil, R Fleay, R McNab, E Coleman, P Agnew, I Ugle.

Boddington: A Martin, W Morawski, J Day, B Sherry, J Salmeri.

Katanning Wanderers versus Williams at Quartermaine Oval


Williams 3.5, 7.8, 13.11, 25.14 (164) defeated Katanning Wanderers 2.0, 5.2, 10.3, 10.5 (65).

Goal scorers: Williams: M Gilhome 5, G Medlen 5, D McWha 3, N Panizza 3, S Morrell 2, T Sattler 2, J Moore 2, T Lavender 1, B Hardie 1, D Fergus 1.

Katanning Wanderers: A Durack 3, R Flugge 2, K Shepherd 1, L Collard 1, D Kalejs 1, D Maksimovic 1, T Justins 1.

Best players: Williams: M Gilhome, L Berlund, T Sattler, G Medlen, B Kain, T Lavender.

Katanning Wanderers: T Justins, J Bellve, S Kowald, D Newman, J Mills, R Flugge.


Katanning Wanderers 4.4, 6.5, 8.8, 10.9 (69) defeated Williams 2.1, 5.6, 6.7, 9.11 (65).

Goal scorers: Katanning Wanderers: A Ward 6, T Riley 1, G Argent 1, M Durack 1, M Boxall 1.

Williams: R Wilkie 2, C Haddrick 1, J Banks 1, D Ford 1, R Ford 1, C Ford 1, J Medlen 1, B Melchiorre 1.

Best players: Katanning Wanderers: T Riley, A Ward, H Thompson, J Beattie, P Kowald, T Obst.

Williams: R Ford, R Wilkie, R Gillett, C Haddrick, J McIntyre, B Melchiorre.


Katanning Wanderers 4.0, 13.3, 19.6, 25.14 (164) defeated Williams 1.4, 1.4, 1.4, 1.5 (11).

Goal scorers: Katanning Wanderers: J Barritt 10, J Wintle 8, K Stewart 3, D Lambert 3, L Jury 1.

Williams: Not provided.

Best players: Katanning Wanderers: J Barritt, J Wintle, K Stewart, R Nicholson, Khallon Zilm, D Lambert.

Williams: T Banks, I Diver, G Tooke, T Garnier, A Harris, J Andrews.


Katanning Wanderers 6.5, 9.10, 14.11, 18.12 (120) defeated Williams 0.0, 0.0, 0.2, 1.3 (9).

Best players: Katanning Wanderers: A Eades, S Henden, C Bolton, D Clark, B Kingston, C Terry.

Williams: B Meyer, R Cowcher, C Haydock, K Cowcher, J Dowling, J Webster.

Wickepin versus Wagin at Wickepin


Wickepin 4.4, 10.8, 16.11, 21.19 (145) defeated Wagin 2.3, 2.4, 4.6, 4.8 (32).

Goal scorers: Wickepin: C Taylor 14, J Winmar 4, C Medcalf 2, J Flavel 1.

Wagin: B Luscombe 2, T Richards 1, T Shalders 1.

Best players: Wickepin: C Taylor, J Fleay, L Crouch, J Flavel, C Medcalf, J Winmar.

Wagin: T Richards, D Tulley, L Taylor, B Robinson, A Painter, B Adams.


Wagin 2.2, 7.6, 10.8, 14.15 (99) defeated Wickepin 0.3, 0.5, 5.6, 9.7 (61).

Goal scorers: Wagin: D Baxter 3, P Spooner 3, A Toy 3, D Cole 2, B Pearce 1, B Becker 1, N Pearce 1.

Wickepin: Joe Lee 4, R Ugle 3, B Cole 1, Matthew Riley 1.

Best players: Wagin: M Adams, A Toy, T Shalders, B Kelly, D Cole, D Baxter.

Wickepin: Matthew Riley, G Miller, K Medcalf, W Ferguson, T Medcalf, Joe Lee.

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