A COOL day saw 14 players turn up for a friendly game of winter scroungers last week.
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Rink one had Steve Trowl, Annette Hefford, Sandra Hill and Ken Meers play a good game with Meers holding a good lead of six points at the halfway stage.

Hefford was second with Hill and Trowl well behind the leaders.

Meers more than doubled his score in the second half of the game and finished with 46 points, followed by Hefford with 25 points, Trowl with 21 points and Hill with 15 points.

Rink two had Ben Pearce, Davida Mitchell and Kath Kaplin having a mixed game with Pearce and Mitchell leaving Kaplin to do all the chasing.

Pearce was able to keep Mitchell just behind him and finished with 59 points, followed by Mitchell with 51 points and Kaplin with 22 points.

Rink three had Ross Hunt, Val Hutchings, Mary Riseborough and Lisa Deworboies playing a close game with Hunt holding a three point lead over Deworboies and Hutchings, with Riseborough close behind.

Hunt held the lead by Deworboies gave him a good chase.

He finished with 35 points, followed by Deworboies with 30 points, Hutchings with 24 points and, after a long absence, Riseborough finished her day with 19 points.

Rink four saw Bernie Welland, John Davidson and Keith Hutchings play a good game with Davidson holding an 18-point lead at the halfway stage.

He jumped further ahead in the second half to finish with 69 points, followed by Welland with 44 points and Hutchings with 19 points.

The four-end final was between Davidson, Pearce, Meers and Hunt, where Davidson scored on the four ends to finish with 13 points followed by runner-up Pearce with six points.

The Gosnells one-day carnival is only five weeks away and names are slow to come in, so those who want a good day of bowling are asked to get their names in as soon as possible.

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