AAHHH: Skye Hiskins had a screaming good time.THE Wagin Youth Centre’s (WYC) Youth Week event was held on Wednesday, April 18.
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The WYC committee worked hard to plan the event and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by the teams that competed.

The challenges included an obstacle course comprising a rope maze, climbing wall, tyre run and net crawl.

The teams were then sent into the bush to follow instructions locating specific items, followed by a flag-fetching challenge.

Next up the teams needed to eat a can of baked beans in the shortest possible time, and then shoot the most basketball hoops in a minute.

The team that completed the most challenges in the best time was awarded first prize with Josh Antonio, Ryan Harris and Dokotah Marchesi taking home a $20 iTunes voucher each.

Awards were also given for the best dressed, best behaved and most helpful.

Participants were then treated to a sausage sizzle and ice cream, which was followed by movies and games of pool.

The event, funded by a grant for Youth Week, was a resounding success.

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