Julia Sutton shows off a piece of her artwork while reviewer Amanda Yorke (back) looks on. ON JULY 21 the Vancouver Art Centre in Albany held the opening of an exhibition called Designed for Life; a collaborative exhibition created by Christine Baker and Julia Sutton.
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A representative of the Vancouver Art Centre opened the exhibition and introduced Christine Baker and Julia Sutton and talked about what they had achieved.

Christine Baker, an ex-resident of Newdegate and Narrogin, studied art at TAFE in Narrogin where she met Julia Sutton, now an ex-resident of Narrogin.

Keeping up this friendship and moving to different towns has not stopped these women from achieving a dream and a goal.

So with lots of focus and determination the women worked hard for the past few months to put together an interesting collection of works for the exhibition.

During the opening both artists talked about the stories behind their works, their relationship to the land and their previous experiences and life events, including Ms Baker’s discovery of convict ancestors and Ms Sutton’s loss of her granddaughter and her mother’s best mulberry pie, as well as her life in relation to her farming background.

Ms Baker’s works included ceramics, painting and drawing including simple stylised drawings and other more detailed works that included very fine brushwork covering large areas of the canvas.

Ms Sutton’s works included textiles, encaustic, and photographs.

These works were created using the more subtle colours of the natural dyes and golden glows from the encaustic works.

Both artists endeavoured to share their thoughts, feelings and histories through their favourite media, making for an interesting eclectic collection of works.

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