IN THE Narrogin and Districts Netball Association A1 competition, the top two teams, Olympics and Williams, both had good wins over Waves and Wickepin.
Nanjing Night Net

In the Waves versus Olympics game, Waves started well but faded as Olympics gained momentum and went on to win by 30 goals.

Libby Seaward and Kara Pethybridge played well for Olympics, while Michele Corasiniti had another good game for Waves.

A2 had a bye for this round, while in the A3 Pink competition, Olympics Aqua won the Olympics derby against the Royals, with Kelly Kensitt-Smith trying hard for the losing Royals team.

The Wagin Bulldogs had another good win over Flames and Williams won a close game against Wickepin by only six goals.

Susan McDougall tried hard in defence for Wickepin and Wendy Stringer and Jess Grey had great games for Williams.

In the A3 Grey competition, the young teams NRC 2 and Wagin Red, had wins over their opposing teams, Flames 5 and Flames 6.

In the 16 and under competition, Olympics Turquiose continued their unbeaten record and beat Flames Falcons by 28 goals.

Clare Walker and Shannon Hall had great games for Olympics and Keely Kickett tried hard for Flames.

Flames Fighters had a strong win against Olympics Teal by 37 goals, with Georgie Bishop and Jess Daniels having a good game for Flames.

NRC 4 won a close game against Flames Fusion to retain a spot in the top four.

Lorette Greyling and Sam Dawes played well for hostel and India Edwards tried hard for her Flames team.

Wagin Blacks had a good win over NRC 3 by 14 goals.



Williams 1 78 defeated Wickepin 1 35.

Best players: S Corner, D Astbury, S Duff.

Olympics Gold 60 defeated Waves 30.

Best players: E Hilder, K Pethybridge, M Corasaniti.


General bye.

A3 – Pink

Olympics Aqua 59 defeated Olympics Royals 38.

Best players: S Clarke, D Spanswick, K Kensitt-Smith.

Wagin Bulldogs 60 defeated Flames 4 20.

Best players: M Andrews, E Gillespie, D Page.

Williams 3 36 defeated Wickepin 3 30.

Best players: S McDougall, W Stringer, J Grey.

A3 – Grey

NRC 2 49 defeated Flames 5 40.

Best players: K Maynard, S Cosh, C Andrews.

Wagin Red 59 defeated Flames 6 17.

Best players: J Buck, D Rettalack, T Davidson.

16 and under

Olympics Turquoise 53 defeated Flames Falcons 25.

Best players: C Walker, S Hall, K Kickett.

Flames Fighters 43 defeated Olympics Teal 6.

Best players: A Steer, J Daniels, G Bishop.

Wagin Blacks 43 defeated NRC 3 29.

Best players: H Simmons, A Smith, A Barritt.

NRC 4 34 defeated Flames Fusion 30.

Best players: I Edwards, L Greyling, S Dawes.

13 and under division one

Flames Phoenix 64 defeated Brookton 13.

Olympics Navy 41 defeated Wagin Redbacks 14.

13 and under division two

Olympics Jade 45 defeated Flames Fever 0.

Olympics Cobalt 37 defeated Wagin Whitetails 3.

13 and under mixed

Wickepin 4 25 defeated Pingelly 16.

Flames Firebirds 11 defeated Williams 6.

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