I HAD my little rant last week about the complete and utter stupidity of the vandals hooning around town and I questioned the reasons behind their actions.
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Why do people do such dumb things and what is achieved by it?

Well hallelujah – my faith has been restored this week thanks to three community members who have reminded me that people are indeed capable of doing wonderful things.

The Flying Cockies are raising money for the RFDS by competing in the Outback Air Race.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you obviously skipped the front page of the paper, which is naughty – so go on, go back and read it now … I will wait.

Caught up? Ok then, moving on.

Greg Ball, Michael Taylor and Alan Thompson have all had a personal experience with the RFDS which is the reason behind their action of participating in the race to support such a vital service.

When you scratch the surface of the community, it is amazing just how many people have had to use this fantastic emergency service.

Three years ago, when my son decided to enter the world 11 weeks early, I too became one of the many people indebted to the RFDS.

I honestly believe that Riley would not have survived if that service didn’t exist and we hadn’t made it to Perth in time.

Words cannot convey the gratitude I feel for the professional and caring people who were on board the plane that night and even though I can’t remember their names, I will never forget the kindness and reassurance they gave me in what was undoubtedly the scariest moment of my life.

When I think about the potential outcome if the RFDS didn’t exist, it sends shivers right through me and makes me hug my son that little bit tighter.

I for one will be getting behind The Flying Cockies and donating to this invaluable service and I implore the community to do the same.

It doesn’t bear thinking about what could happen in future situations if there was no RFDS.

Greg, Michael and Alan – your contributions should be acknowledged and commended.

If only there were more people willing to use their time and energy for good deeds.

I’m sure you will be rewarded for your efforts with a fun and memorable trip.

So take flight, be safe and have a great race.

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