DUMB. Stupid. Idiotic. Brainless.
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Just a few words to describe the mindless behaviour of the complete moron/s who thought it would be a clever idea to cut up on the golf course and the footy oval recently.

I’m trying to imagine what happened before said person/s made this bright spark of a decision.

Were they just sitting around on Monday night, bored because there was nothing interesting on TV, twiddling their thumbs when suddenly a light globe went off above one of their heads like in the cartoons?

And one twit said to the other, “I know, let’s go for a drive and do burnouts and it will be like, you know, so wicked and we will be like, such legends.”

Hands up who thinks these fine upstanding members of the community are indeed legends?

Not me.

I just don’t get it.

I really don’t understand what these imbeciles hoped to achieve from their actions.

Did they go round and round and round, hoon off and think, “Yeah, we’re so awesome”?

Or was their whole point to simply stick it to the police?

Or are they just not big golf or football fans?

Whatever the reason, I want to know where their respect is.

Respect for property that doesn’t belong to them.

Respect for facilities that are used by their community.

Respect for the law.

But more upsetting than that – where is the respect for their own lives?

Why don’t they care about their own safety or the safety of others?

They could easily have hit a tree or a fence or rolled the vehicle.

Take the half-wits that recorded themselves driving at 247km/h and then drag racing at 200km/h in Port Hedland recently.

Do these numbskulls think they are invincible or something?

It is a miracle that someone didn’t get hurt… they were beyond lucky.

But luck runs out eventually and then what?

Then the police have to give a loved one the most heartbreaking news imaginable.

And all that was for what?

A quick joy ride and a couple of burnouts to make yourselves feel like heroes.

Now I’m only surmising that the reckless vandals the other day are young – I have no evidence to base that on whatsoever, apart from the fact that if that was the behaviour of “mature adults” then shame on you.

Even though I don’t condone the behaviour, I would expect it of younger people.

We were all young once and did silly things – I know it might be hard to believe but I was not a complete squeaky clean innocent when I was younger!

But our stupid behaviour back then might have been doing 120km/h or cutting up in a paddock on someone’s farm.

Not driving at more than 130km/h over the speed limit or doing burnouts on public property.

When did the goalposts of stupid behaviour move to such extremes?

So a round of applause to all the idiots out there who get in vehicles and hoon around with a complete disregard for anything or anyone.

Give yourselves a pat on the back for being the wonderful people your families can be proud of.

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