A WARM day and a soft breeze saw 13 players turn up for a game of bowls last Thursday and have some fun.
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Rink two had Bernie Welland, Sandra Hill and Davida Mitchell having a steady game, with Mitchell looking for revenge as she took the lead from the start and had a 16-point lead at the halfway mark.

Welland and Hill had little chance of catching her as she won with 65 points, her highest score ever and she scored on every end which was also a first for her.

Welland finished on 48 points and Hill finished with 19 points.

Rink three had Mary Riseborough, Sharon Drayton, Di Stephens and Ken Preston sorting out the rink with Riseborough taking the early lead.

It was good to see Drayton back on the green after her long break.

Stephens and Preston stayed within reach of Riseborough, but she kept her lead and finished with 39 points, followed by Preston with 32 points, Stephens on 24 points and Drayton finished with 13 points.

Rink four had Ken Meers, Ross Hunt and Phil Beynon having a good game with Hunt having a big lead over Meers and Beynon at the halfway stage.

Meers tried hard in the latter stage to close the gap but failed because Beynon was having a seniors nap.

Hunt won with 55 points, followed by Meers with an amended score of 42 points and Beynon finished with 31 points.

Rink five had Gwen Lathwell, Ben Pearce and Jonno Davidson having a close game.

Davidson took the lead and had a 15-point advantage over Lathwell and Pearce at the halfway stage.

Davidson kept the pressure up and won with 53 points followed by Lathwell with 41 points and Pearce finished with 38 points.

The four-end final was between Mitchell, Davidson, Hunt and Riseborough.

Davidson and Hunt won the first end, but Riseborough showed them how to win with 10 points and the runner-up was Hunt with six points.

Players are reminded to check score cards before handing them in as many score cards are coming in with too many mistakes on them.

It was good weather for the bowlers who turned up to enjoy a game of bowls and have some fun the week before last.

Rink three had Keith Hutchings, Sandra Hill and Phil Beynon having a good game, but it was two against one with Hill having to do all the chasing.

At the halfway point, Hutchings had an eight-point lead over Beynon.

Hill played a better game than last week but it was Beynon who took the lead and won with 57 points followed by Hutchings with 53 points and Hill with 21 points.

Rink four had Ross Hunt, Bernie Welland, Ben Pearce and Brian Louth.

Hunt took his normal lead and had a five-point lead over Welland at the halfway stage.

Pearce and Louth were having problems with the rink and were slow to catch up.

Hunt held on to the lead and finished with 38 points followed by Welland with 29 points, Pearce with 27 points and Louth with 14 points.

Rink five had Jonno Davidson, Mary Riseborough, Val Hutchings and Ken Meers having a good game.

Meers was one point in front of Davidson and Riseborough was having a rest day in support of Hutchings, while having lots of chit chat.

Davidson was also not playing his best which allowed Meers to win with 42 points, followed by Davidson with 34 points, Riseborough with 22 points and Hutchings with 12 points.

The four-end final was between Phil Beynon, Ken Meers and Ross Hunt.

The final winner was Hunt on 13 points and runner-up was Meers with 10 points.

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