LAST Friday’s trip to Corrigin saw the Kukerin Hockey Club experience something new, when it played a Friday night game under lights.
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The children’s game was riveting from beginning to end, with Corrigin having the upper hand to begin with before Kukerin came out firing.

Kukerin drew first blood with an impressive goal by Jordan Dowdell.

Jared Nenke is learning to control the ball and get past the enemy with style, while Jorja Kirby was strong in her tackling and James Lee tried hard to repel the ball out of defence.

Even though goalie Jacob Nenke repelled numerous balls in the dying seconds, Corrigin was finally able to score, with the final score being a one-all draw.

It was a great team game, with the children doing a great job of fighting the entire way.

All the A-graders were more than happy to have a run and get warm and it was a ferocious game with the ball in and out of each other’s defence.

However all too soon Corrigin scored a lucky deflected goal and Kukerin lost its puff.

In the second half Kukerin’s game lifted again and the forwards had many short corners.

The girls finally worked out a plan, thanks to captain Julie Ditchburn and Marisa Edwards scored the equaliser.

With only minutes to go the team went into overdrive and the attack stormed into the D and Brittany Doney scored an impressive second goal for Kukerin.

The whistle sounded and Kukerin had snatched an impressive victory, with Julie Ditchburn continuing to dazzle with her skills.

The club thanked Brittany Doney and Kaitlin Taylor for stepping in and helping and coach Michelle Gooding.

Special thanks went to the freezing spectators who made a lot of noise in an attempt to keep warm.

Only C-grade will play this weekend, at home against Hyden/Karlgarin.

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