ROUND 12 of the NDNA netball competition saw the top three teams of the A1 ladder playing against the three bottom teams, with all three top teams having good wins over their rivals.
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Williams had a strong win over Waves by 55 goals, while Olympics Gold won by 51 goals and Flames 1 won by 30 goals.

With three rounds to go it looks like the top three teams will be Flames, Williams and Olympics, while Wickepin need to win at least one of their next three games to make it into the final four.

In the A2 competition, top team NRC 1 had another strong win over the Wagin Magpies to consolidate their top of the table position.

Mikayla Young and Evelyn Wilkie played a good game for the hostel and K Barritt tried her best for Wagin.

Flames 7 beat Olympics Green by 24 goals to hold their position in the number two spot.

Kellie Hancock and Jess Daniels had good games for Flames and S Munday played well for Olympics.

In A3 Pink, Olympics Aqua had another strong win over Flames 4 by 28 goals to remain unbeaten for the season so far.

Wagin Bulldogs had a good win over Williams 3, with M Andrews and Jess Clifton receiving votes for their efforts for Wagin, and Raelene Cowcher tried hard for Williams.

The game between Olympics Royals and Wickepin 3 resulted in a draw at 37 goals each.

Jo Annear and Kelly Kensitt-Smith received votes for Olympics, and C Wallace played well for Wickepin.

In A3 Grey, there were two very close games where both teams could have won.

Flames 5 just beat Wagin Red by one goal, with Thalia Davidson receiving votes from the umpires for her efforts for Wagin.

Flames 6 beat Olympics Blue by three goals, with Danielle Retallack having a good game for Flames.



Williams 1 86 defeated Waves 31.

Best players: B Rintoul, S Corner, L Gordon.

Flames 1 65 defeated Wickepin 1 35.

Best players: M Rafferty, G Whare, S Flynn.

Olympics Gold 82 defeated Flames 2 31.

Best players: C Reynolds, K Pethybridge, J Boothey.


NRC 1 42 defeated Wagin Magpies 28.

Best players: M Young, K Barritt, E Wilkie.

Flames 7 51 defeated Olympics Green 27.

Best players: K Hancock, J Daniels, S Munday.

A3 – Pink

Olympics Aqua 53 defeated Flames 4 25.

Best players: J Smith, D Spanswick, N Steer.

Wagin Bulldogs 44 defeated Williams 3 25.

Best players: J Clifton, R Cowcher, M Andrews.

Olympics Royals 37 drew with Wickepin 3 37.

Best players: J Annear, K Kensitt-Smith, C Wallace.

A3 – Grey

Flames 5 42 defeated Wagin Red 41.

Best players: L Gatti, T Davidson, K Hilder.

Flames 6 23 defeated Olympics Blue 20.

Best players: A Martin, C Drage, D Retallack.

16 and under

Wagin Blacks 52 defeated Olympics Teal 10.

Best players: O Dorn, C Ranieri, J Morgan.

Olympics Turquoise 40 defeated Flames Fusion 30.

Best players: K Fleay, C Kickett, C Walker.

NRC 3 39 defeated Flames Falcons 20.

Best players: H Simmons, S Van Elden, B Bolton.

Flames Fighters 32 defeated Pingelly 21.

Best players: G Bishop, H Smith, J Daniels.

13 and under division one

Flames Phoenix 27 defeated Brookton 18.

Olympics Navy 23 defeated Wagin Redbacks 20.

13 and under division two

Olympics Jade 54 defeated Flames Fever 10.

Olympics Cobalt 32 defeated Wagin Whitetails 4.

13 and under mixed

Williams 13 defeated Flames Firebirds 10.

Pingelly 20 defeated Wickepin 4 16.

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