RURAL women of Australia are encouraged to throw their hats into the ring as a new category has just been added to this year’s Australian Farmer of the Year awards.
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The Farming Woman of the Year award, sponsored by GrainCorp, will be open to rural women on farms and in rural communities who are making waves in farming or agribusiness.

Kondinin Group managing editor Paul Mole said women in rural communities were often involved in assisting with managing the family farm, raising the family, holding down a part-time job and were active members of community groups – all at the same time.

“This is why we’ve added this category, to recognise rural women making a difference and not just on the farm,” he said.

“The industry can never have too many awards for women in agriculture – they play such a significant role.

“In the past we’ve had women successfully nominate and be named finalists for award categories in their own right or as part of the family business but we’ve found that women tend to downplay their own contribution and will often nominate husbands and sons.

“For this reason we have decided to create a dedicated category to showcase the contribution that Australian women make to agriculture, from driving the tractor and balancing the books to being active community members or part of grower groups.

“Women are also extremely resourceful and innovative and more likely to think outside the square when it comes to facing the challenges of modern farming communities, which is why we believe this is an essential category.

“And we’re keen to see the tables turned and have some of the blokes nominating their wives, daughters and female friends.”

To nominate yourself or someone else contact Kondinin Group marketing officer Kate Bishop on 6263 9111 or [email protected]南京夜网.au. Nominations close on August 3.

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