New nurses Shanavas Mookada Ali and Jomon Jose.LAKE Grace Hospital recently recruited two new nurses, Shanavas Mookada Ali and Jomon Jose.
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Both travelled from the state of Kerala, known as God’s own country in southern India, to WA.

The men lived in villages only 50 kilometres apart but had not met each other until they came to Lake Grace.

Mr Jose comes from a village similar to Lake Grace but with a population of 15,000 people.

Since he was a small boy, Mr Jose wanted to come to Australia.

He graduated in electronics before studying nursing for three years in Bangalore and then worked as a staff nurse for one-and-a-half years and qualified as a master of social work.

In India Mr Jose’s family owns a rubber plantation, where it takes them seven years to produce latex from the rubber trees.

These trees only last about 15-20 years before they have to be cut down and new ones planted.

To produce one kilogram of latex, 10 trees have to be harvested.

Mr Jose’s mother is a house maker while his younger brother is an interior designer in Kerala and the family is proud to say that Mr Jose is working in Australia.

Mr Jose played soccer when he was younger but gave it up once he went to nursing college.

He also likes to watch movies, especially Indian movies.

Mr Mookada Ali comes from the village of Kuttilinji in the state of Kerala.

With a passion for singing and acting, his father told him after he finished year 12 that he could go to an art college if he wanted to but relatives informed him that nursing had more scope.

That was a turning point for him; he graduated from nursing after four years, which he found was a wonderful experience.

He completed one year in clinical practice and worked for one-and-a-half years in clinical practice in Kerala and Bangalore.

Mr Mookada Ali’s family in India include his father who works in a quarry, his brother who drives a truck and his sister.

Both his brother and sister are married and Mr Mookada Ali is the youngest in the family.

Mr Mookada Ali’s village is industrial but some people also have plantations.

He is interested in singing, acting, watching movies and likes listening to Bollywood music.

He is a big fan of Michael Jackson and Ricky Martin.

To come to Australia nursing, the International English Language Testing System had to be completed by both men.

They needed to get seven out of nine to pass before they could nurse in Australia, with the test including listening, reading, speaking and writing.

For both men it was a dream to come to Australia.

They studied hard to become nurses and believe no other job offers this type of opportunity.

Both men like to play cricket.

Mr Jose sees himself as an all-round player but likes bowling and classes himself as a medium pace bowler.

One of his favourite players of all time is ‘The little Master’ Tendulkar.

Mr Mookada Ali used to play cricket but fielding is his preference and he also enjoys batting.

He is a big fan of Jonty Rhodes.

He enjoys watching the cricket especially the fast paced games like Twenty20 and one day internationals.

For both men this is the first country they have travelled to.

In India they both trained as registered nurses.

Once they came to Australia they had to complete a bridging program for three months to become a registered nurse in Australia.

Mr Jose worked in Maylands for a month and Geraldton for one-and-a-half months before coming back to Perth to look for a job.

Mr Mookada Ali has been in Australia for 10 months and did his registration in Swan Districts before waiting six months for a job.

Both men have a work permit for four years and a contract to work in Lake Grace for two years.

Before they started work in Lake Grace, the men travelled to town to meet some of the other nurses and have a look at the town.

The men are happy with the arrangement of working at the Lake Grace Hospital and hope that while they are in Lake Grace they will be able to get their permanent residency.

They feel well looked after in Lake Grace and are enjoying themselves so far.

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