THE Wagin Shire has recently been leading the way to establish a regional landfill site with 11 other shires in the district.
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Wagin Shire chief executive Len Calneggia said with the current tip close to capacity, a suitable site needed to be located.

He said the proposal was to have one regional site, rather than each shire having its own tip.

“We looked at transporting waste to the Narrogin tip, however the cost would add an additional $70 per year to the current rates,” he said.

At present, the existing tip is costing about $40,000 per year to maintain, as dirt needs to be transported to the site in order to cover the refuse.

The new proposal will see a pit dug into the ground, with the spoil from the hole used to cover the waste.

A Waste Advisory Committee meeting was held last Tuesday to determine criteria that would be used in preliminary planning for a new site.

This would include factors such as proximity to residents, distance to roads and road conditions, prevailing winds, vegetation and slope to name a few.

Once adopted by council, a site must meet these criteria before any further testing can be carried out.

In order to meet Department of Environment and Conservation standards, the new site must have soil of a suitable permeability, in order to prevent leaching into the ground.

After advertising for land availability back in March this year, the Wagin Shire has had three landholders come forward, however all three have fallen through.

“Two more sites have been put forward recently, however no further action will be taken until the preliminary planning criteria are set,” Mr Calneggia said.

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