Zali Spencer of Wagin tackles Pippa Bairstow of Warriors in the women’s B-grade game on Saturday. Morgan Barr (Warriors) attempts to get the ball from Anette Quartermaine (Wagin) during Wagin’s winning performance last weekend.
Nanjing Night Net

IT WAS a battle of bitter rivals on Friday night when Warriors took on Olympics in the men’s A-grade competition.

The game was mostly played in the attacking 25s, with both teams creating many opportunities to score.

Olympics were first to get a short corner, with Steve Sexton’s shot travelling wide of the goal.

Warriors had the chance to take the lead with a loose ball in their D unable to be put away, with Russell Gooley in goals for Olympics starting the game well.

With eight minutes to go in the first half, Bevan George effortlessly controlled the ball down the right, passed to Josh Barrett on the wing who passed it back to George.

The crossed ball from the baseline to the spot was tapped in by Chris McKay and Olympics had a 1-0 lead.

Warriors quickly counterattacked with a short corner drag flick by Craig Gambrell stopped on the line by Gooley.

With 10 minutes off the clock in the second half, Dale Batt drew the score with a short corner goal.

Olympics were quick to retaliate with a field goal to Brad Staphorst and then were able to score again to seal the game 3-1.

In the other men’s A-grade match, Riffs defeated Pingelly 4-1 on the grass at Pingelly.

Brock Francis and Rhett Ballard scored twice each for Riffs, while Grady Francis was voted best player.

The women’s A-grade heated up over the weekend, with a couple of upset wins shaking up the ladder.

Mighty Ducks travelled to Pingelly to take on the home team.

Pingelly proved they certainly aren’t easy beats, knocking off the Ducks with a 3-0 win, the first of the season for the team.

Pingelly’s goals were scored by Kymberlee O’Brien, Jodie Broun and Pete Schorer.

Meanwhile on the turf, Warriors proved too strong for Wagin with a 4-2 win.

Tanya Hadlow and Emily Ballantyne played well for Warriors and Fiona Kirk and Leah Kellow held together the Wagin backline.

In the men’s B-grade, Riffs were too strong for Pingelly on the grass with a 3-0 win with goals scored by Dylan Trefort, Kyle Gumbrich and Clinton Blight.

All Blacks travelled to Williams on Saturday afternoon and were only narrowly defeated by 2-1.

Jeremy Dickson and Phil Stewart scored for Williams and Brodie Corker scored for All Blacks.

Warriors continued their winning form with a 8-1 defeat of Wagin White.

The Corner family controlled the game for its entirety, with Andrew, Nick and Matthew voted best on field.

In the women’s B-grade, Wagin had their second win of the season when they defeated Warriors 2-0.

In chilly Friday night conditions, Wickepin defeated Brookton 1-0, while Williams defeated Robins 3-0 at home.

Upper Great Southern Hockey Association results

WEEK nine of the Upper Great Southern Hockey Association was played at the weekend.

Primary school

Bulldogs defeated Saints 5-0.

Better players: L Early, P Bairstow, J Robinson, J Moyses.

Wickepin drew Sharks 2-2.

Better players: A Manton, C Smith, Z McLeod, C Blight.

Dingoes defeated Brookton 2-1.

Better players: C Dewing, R Cheney, J Brechin, L Sweeney.

Williams defeated Devils 9-0.

Better players: O Harding, T Klug, Q Paice, T Nicholas.

Wagin defeated Stingrays 4-2.

Better players: J Spooner, Z Spencer, J Brown, K Reynolds.

Dumbleyung defeated Pingelly 5-1.

Better players: H Edwards, J Pearce.

Middle school

Tigers defeated Panthers 2-1.

Better players: I Milentis, R Blyth, T Atkins, N Corner, C Ward, T Milentis.

NRC Lions defeated Cougars 4-1.

Better players: B Warburton, M Smith, J Medlen, K Bullock, E Ballantyne, C Ditchburn.

Panthers defeated Cougars 6-3.

Better players: N Corner, C Pascoe, S Rowe, C Ditchburn, E Ballantyne, K Bullock.

NRC Lions defeated Pumas 11-2.

Better players: L Ward, B Warburton, J Medlen, C Page, B Watt, D Fazey.

Upper school

Ag Rangers defeated Falcons 6-5.

Better players: S Garstone, C Grout, J Wiles, S McKay, C Lutz, B Quartermaine.

Condors defeated Collegians 4-1.

Better players: E Fleay, J Barrett, D Trefort, H Brown, C Robertson-Hall, B Fenwick.

Women B-grade

Wickepin defeated Brookton 1-0.

Better players: R Bransby, L Marchei, N Manton, N McMiles, D Sweeney, E Walker.

Wagin defeated Warriors 2-0.

Better players L Kellow, J Spooner, Z Spencer, J Hayes, S Hennessey, L Barr.

Williams defeated Robins 3-0.

Better players: B Duff, N Fisher, Y Dunbar, J Sieber, D Green, M Sprigg.

Women A-grade

Pingelly defeated Mighty Ducks 3-0.

Better players: K Atherton, J Schorer, J Thompson, V Perkins, C Cooper, C Blight.

Warriors defeated Wagin 4-2.

Better players: T Hadlow, E Ballantyne, N Gambrell, F Kirk, L Kellow, E Holt.

Men B-grade

Olympics defeated Dumbleyung 3-2.

Better players: B Nottle, A Robinson, C McKay, M Atkins, S Angwin, J Frost.

Warriors defeated Wagin White 8-1.

Better players: A Corner, N Corner, M Corner, K Hough, T Cook, A Anthony.

Williams defeated All Blacks 2-1.

Better players: S Harding, P Foreman, B Alymore, C Page, S Paice, P Aitchison.

Riffs defeated Pingelly 3-0.

Better players: C Blight, D Keogh, M Lange, M Lee, D Warburton, B Warburton.

Men A-grade

Olympics defeated Warriors 3-1.

Better players: A Jamieson, S Sexton, B George, C Gambrell, C Allen, D Batt.

Riffs defeated Pingelly 4-1.

Better players: G Francis, B Francis, S Blight, N O’Brien, J Osgood, R Lee.

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