Upper Great Southern Hockey results

Wagin’s Lilly Simkins goes up against Bulldogs defender Alex Barr in her attempt to score a goal.WEEK four of the Upper Great Southern Hockey Association was played at the weekend.
Nanjing Night Net

Primary school division

Dumbleyung defeated Saints 4-0.

Better players: Harley Dare, Jack Pearce, Shannon Charles, Brennan Pratt.

Brookton defeated Pingelly 3-2.

Williams defeated Wickepin 3-2.

Better players: Oliver Harding, Daniel Major, Eric Riley, Cassidy Smith.

Sharks defeated Stingrays 3-0.

Better players: Jamie Ward, Lucy Ward, Shawn Samson, Finlay Pinkerton;

Bulldogs defeated Wagin 1-0.

Better players: Pippa Bairstow, Chris Kain, Jarrod Lutz, Zali Spencer.

Dingoes defeated Devils 4-1.

Better players: Austin Hall, Daniel Conlan, Eamon Pascoe, Paige Denhel.

Middle school division

Panthers defeated Pumas 5-2.

Better players: Sam Rowe, Nick Corner, Caleb Pascoe, Connor Page, Ben Antonio, Caleb Murray.

Tigers defeated Cougars 4-1.

Better players: Regan Blyth, Iszaac Milentis, Blake Heil, Kyle Bullock, Blake Watkins, Cody Ditchburn.

Upper school division

Falcons defeated NRC Toucans 3-1.

Better players: Ben Quartermaine, Corey Lutz, Shawn McKay, Nick Peake, Jaiden Randall, Shaye Bowron.

Condors defeated Ag Rangers 3-0.

Women B-grade

Wickepin drew Brookton 0-0.

Better players: L. Marchei, R. Bransby-Riley, S. Green, C. Rushton, C. Gault, K. Robinson.

Williams defeated Robins 5-0.

Better players: B. Duff. J. Gowland, B. Harding, M. Sprigg, D. Green, V. Harris.

Wagin drew Warriors 1-1.

Better players: J. Spooner, S. Ninyette, K. Enright, S. Hennessey, J. Hayes, K. Timms.

Men B-grade

Pingelly defeated All Blacks 6-0.

Better players: B. Nagel, R. Leake, T. Horley, P. Aitchison, G. Durell.

Warriors defeated Dumbleyung 5-0.

Better players: L. Ward, C. York, A. Corner, R. Bairstow, M. Atkins, D. Cronin.

Wagin White defeated Williams 2-0.

Better players: S. Elliot, T. Cook, T. Anthony, A. Chadwick, S. Stewart, C. Gillett.

Wagin Black defeated Riffs 4-2.

Better players: L. Mudgway, W. Enright, B. Kirk, G. Lorrimar, M. Lange, D. Trefort.

Women A-grade

Warriors defeated Wagin 3-0.

Better players: C. Borthwick, T. Hadlow, E. Fleay, F. Kirk, L. Kellow, D. Hodge.

Mighty Ducks defeated Pingelly 4-0.

Better players: C. Robinson, B. Atkins, C. Cooper, D. Broun, N. Fotheringham, P. Schorer.

Men A-grade

Warriors defeated All Blacks 4-3.

Better players: M. Hough, C. Allen, A. Ward, S. Durell, P. Thompson, B. McMahon.

Olympics defeated Pingelly 3-1.

Better players: S. Sexton, B. Staphorst, S. Heil, T. Warburton, D. Haslam, N. O’Brien.

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Double header for Wagin hockey women

Emily Holt runs the ball down the wing, while Zali Spencer runs alongside Warriors defender Alyce Smith.THE afternoon of Saturday, May 12, was set to be a jam packed afternoon of hockey with all four senior teams playing at home.
Nanjing Night Net

Wagin A-grade women faced Warriors in sunny conditions proving fitness was a big reflection of the final score.

The first grass game of the season for Wagin and missing a few players, meant everybody had to step up and commit to playing a full game of hockey.

Warriors played better grass hockey and were able to do the basics right.

Fiona Kirk at fullback saved the team many times with her great defence.

The last five minutes of the first half and first 10 minutes of the second half, Wagin looked the stronger team, until Warriors rebounded quickly, scoring a goal.

Warriors’ centre players proved too strong and were able to release runners another two more times resulting in goals.

The end score was in Warriors favour three-nil.

The team thanked Kelly Enright for filling the left wing position at the last minute and doing a great job.

Better players for Wagin were Fiona Kirk, Leah Kellow and Dominique Hodge.

The team then travelled to Narrogin to face the Mighty Ducks on Sunday.

After a disappointing loss the previous day Wagin was determined not to let this one get away.

Wagin started with the ball and came out firing.

This rattled the Mighty Ducks team, seeing two of their leadership players sent from the field with green cards for back-chatting the umpires.

Wagin used this opportunity to capitalise on a short corner with a perfect shot on goal by Terri Spooner putting Wagin in the lead.

Shortly after, Monique Lydiate put her fresh legs to use with a great shot on goal to slot it past the goalie.

Wagin had found their feet but so had Mighty Ducks when a quick breakaway resulted in a goal for the opposition, making the half time score 2-1.

With some inspirational words from coach Paul Lydiate and captains Leah Kellow and Emily Holt, Wagin took to the field knowing the fight was not over yet.

A great team effort started with Dominique Hodge passing to Alice Lydiate who found Emily Holt on the right post to slot is past the goalie, put the team in high spirits.

The game was a tough contest, with Mighty Ducks having more than their fair share of scoring opportunities.

Although with some great saves from goalie Lyn Lucas and solid defence from Fiona Kirk and Terri Spooner, Wagin was able to only allow one more goal into the back of the goals.

The score then stood at 3-2.

Zali Spencer managed to convert one more goal for Wagin proving being in the right place at the right time with your stick on the ground, does work.

Alice Lydiate had run hard all afternoon and decided she would make it all worthwhile by finding the back the net.

It was a great team effort by Wagin with the final score being 5-2.

Better players were Emily Holt, Alice Lydiate and Tara Lydiate.

A-grade has a weekend off this week, having played its game on Sunday.

Its next game is at Wagin on May 26 at 1.30pm.

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Warriors win despite Durrell heroics

COMPETITION was fierce on Friday night when Warriors took on All Blacks in the men’s A-grade hockey.
Nanjing Night Net

With the Warriors gaining Matthew Hough and Aaron Ward and Steven Durrell returning for All Blacks, the game was set to be played at a high standard.

Durrell was able to capitalise on three of the All Blacks’ attacking moves with some spectacular goals, but the Warriors team proved too strong, with goals to Ryan Hough, Matthew Hough, Aaron Ward and Robert Rybarczyk.

Pingelly then took it up to Olympics in the men’s A-grade competition on Saturday afternoon.

With Nick O’Brien strong for Pingelly through the midfield, it was up to club stalwart Steve Sexton to lift a gear and help push his team to a 3-1 victory.

Olympics goals were scored by Travis Shanks, Ashley Robinson and Shawn Heil, with O’Brien scoring for Pingelly.

In the women’s A-grade competition, Warriors travelled to Wagin for a game of good old fashioned grass hockey and took it right up to the home team.

With goals to Emma Fleay, Tanya Hadlow and Sammy Webb, Warriors knocked Wagin off the winners perch with a 3-0 victory.

Cara Borthwick and Fiona Kirk were judged best players.

Meanwhile Mighty Ducks faced an improved Pingelly side on Saturday afternoon.

Despite the gallant attempts of the Pingelly side, Mighty Ducks again proved too strong with three goals to Courtney Robinson and a goal to Juanita O’Neill.

Robinson, Danika Broun and Bonnie Atkins were the better players.

This Friday night will see old enemies Warriors and Olympics face off in the men’s A and B-grade competitions.

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Wagin darts update

THE Wagin Darts Association’s 2012 season is off to a flying start with all teams winning at least one match.
Nanjing Night Net

Delayed congratulations go to a few players who have thrown the ever sought after 180: Peter Lutz from Darken Blue in round one and Peter Bartholomuezs from Woodanilling and Brad Jetta from Yongas in round two.

Round four saw Yongas have a convincing win over Misfits 10-1.

Every team member from Yongas had a peg with Brad Jetta throwing three pegs, a 39 and two 40s.

Birt Williams pegged two fours and Shane Woods pegged two and 40.

James Williams, Charlie Williams and Elvie Wallam had pegs of eight, two and 16 respectively.

Many 100s were thrown by the team with James Williams throwing three 100s and a 140.

Charlie Williams also threw three 100s and Shane Woods a 133.

Birt Williams and Brad Jetta both threw a 100 and 140 each.

James Williams had the highest team average with 68.31 followed by Brad Jetta on 66.05.

Misfits’ only peg was a four made by Dorrie Polack in the second triples match.

Hundreds were thrown by Sherene Ninyette with a 125 and a 110 for Kathleen Kaplin.

The highest average for Misfits was 55.34, which was thrown by Kevin Nordstrom, with a 44.77 for Kathleen Kaplin.

Gangsters won 8-3 against Darkan Red.

Shane Bliss had three pegs of two, 58 and nine.

Lachlan Ballantyne pegged 32 twice and Leonie Brummelman pegged 36.

Brendan Hall won his singles match with a peg of 25 and Kevin Foale with eight.

Hundreds were thrown by Lachlan Ballantyne (100) and Brendan Hall (140).

Highest average was 50.87 from Brendan Hall, closely followed by 50.14 from Lachlan Ballantyne.

Pegs for Darkan Red came from Denis Blake with six and Murray Boxall with two and 16.

Murray also threw two 100s.

Highest average for Darken Red came from Tracy Wallis with 43.15 and 42.51 thrown by A Gillett.

Katanning defeated Darken Blue 7-4 when they played at the Wagin District Club.

Peter Ward had a good night with three pegs of 14, 50 and 16.

Nathan Hayward pegged a two and Kirsty Eades 139.

Gifford Eades Junior had a two and 37.

Everyone from the Katanning team scored 100 or more.

Kirsty Eades and Gifford Eades Junior both threw 100s.

Janet Vickers and Jackie Fisher threw 110 and 124 respectively.

Nathan Hayward had two 100s and 140.

Five 100s came from Peter Ward and a 180.

A well-earned highest average of 73.94 went to Peter with a respectable 49.8 for Gifford Eades Junior.

Pegs for Darkan Blue came from Peter Lutz with 14 and eight.

Marion Moulton had a high score win with 67, as did Pistol Rhind with 45.

Darkan Blue hundreds were thrown by Peter Lutz (100), Dave Gooding (101) and Jamie White (121).

Highest average for the team was Peter Lutz with 49.29 and 45.52 from Dave Gooding.

Woodanilling were beaten on home soil by Spitfires 4-7.

Dave Conning had two pegs of two and Peter Bartholomuezs pegged an eight.

Rod Marshall had a high score of 34 to win his singles match.

Woodanilling hundreds were thrown by Tony Mader with two 121s.

Rod Marshall also threw 121 and Peter Bartholomuezs 100.

The team’s highest average was 40.11 from Peter and Tony Mader 37.

Pegs for Spitfires came from Keith Bliss with two and four and Gloria Bliss with 20.

Alan Anthony had three pegs 24, two and 46.

Katie Warren won her singles match with a high score of 81.

Hundreds were thin on the ground for Spitfires with the only one coming from Gloria Bliss 102.

Bliss had the highest average of 53.23 and Alan Anthony following with 47.07.

Morans defeated All Stars 7-4.

Morans’ pegs were hit on the board by Kevin Spurr 31 and 32, Kim Davidson 10, Carol Stanley 24, Tom Spurr 16 and 20 and Willie O 48.

Kevin Spurr threw four 100s.

Hundreds also came from Tom Spurr in the form of two 100s and a 125, and Kim Davidson 100.

The highest average for Morans was 68.76 from Kevin Spurr and 63.72 from Tom Spurr.

All Stars pegs were delivered by Jeff Alderton eight and Lorna Ramm 32.

High score wins came from Lyn Wilson with 83 and Lorna Ramm 37.

Hundreds were thrown by Irvine McArthur (140), Lorna Ramm (100 and 133) and Jeff Alderton (two 100s and 104).

All Stars’ highest average was 64.45 from Jeff Alderton, followed by Graham Wilson with 48.45.

Players are reminded to include their full name on the score sheets.

Fixtures for May 22 are Misfits versus Woody at the Wagin District Club, Darkan Red versus Yongas at the Darkan Hotel, Katanning versus Spitfires at the Wagin District Club, All Stars versus Gangsters at the Dumbleyung Tavern and Morans versus Darkan Blue at Morans Hotel.

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Wagin netball secure wins on weekend

WAGIN Bulldogs easily defeated Olympics Royal 51-24 in netball on Saturday.
Nanjing Night Net

Although the team was not playing at its best, with prior injuries, new shooters, rearranged umpiring and kids galore, the game was set to be a hectic one.

However all the feedback that was given was well received and players took on board the changes and improved their game.

Best players went to Kelly Edwards and Jess Cliffton.

In under 16, Wagin Black took on Olympics Teal, resulting in another fantastic win by Wagin Black.

With an impressive first quarter, the team practised some new skills they learnt at training and were in complete control of the game.

Ayla Smith and Artamesia Barritt didn’t miss in scoring 30 goals in the first half and with Kalym Iles, Olivia Dorn and Jess Morgan feeding beautifully into the circle, they were hard to beat.

The girls dropped their game in the third quarter and their passing let them down, so there needs to be a focus on slowing down and leading into a space, in front of Wagin players.

The final quarter saw Iles shooting and Letita Holder in goal keeper - they stepped up to their new roles and should be proud of their efforts.

At the final whistle the score was 49-13 in Wagin’s favour.

Players of the day go to Ayla Smith and Artamesia Barrett and coaches’ choice goes to Letita Holder for her continued pressure in wing defence, her accurate passing and her solid work in goal keeper.

In under 13 division one it looks as though all the hard training payed off with the Redbacks securing their first win of the season with a final score of Redbacks 20 and Pingelly 12.

The game started off with Brianna Davidson and Emilia Mangalavite in defence making the opposition struggle to shoot goals.

Kalya Smith and Zena Scale did a fantastic job in leading the ball into the goal circle allowing the Andrew sisters, Jade and Amber, to shoot many magnificent goals.

Zoe Wright and Hena Smith also played great with their defence and attack.

Best players went to Jayde and Amber Andrews.

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Close win for Ewen

: Fe Thompson with her lucky chicken golf club cover and Chris Barker gear up for golf. Jenny Ewen practices her swing ready to tee off at the first hole.
Nanjing Night Net

THE Golf Box Teams event was held last Wednesday and was played in delightful golf weather.

This suited Jenny Ewen just fine, who won the day on 37 Stableford points, narrowly beating Chris Barker on 36 points.

Fe Thompson will join Barker and Ewen to make up a team that might possibly make it to the Melville Glades’ fairways sometime in September.

The club thanked Robin Dunham and Betty Spooner for their trophy.

Jenny Ewen showed the field how to play on Wednesday, winning nearest the pin on No. 3 also.

The fairways have started to look like a golf course after the rains last week, so this is the best time for new players to start.

Call the captain on 0427 852 036 for more information.

May 23 is the first international bowl, second silver spoon and second qualifying round stroke event, sponsored by Simone Jane’s Hair Design.

The ladies of Wagin Golf have decided to hold a four-week introductory course to start on May 30 and finish on June 20.

Anyone interested in learning about golf is welcome to attend.

Call the co-ordinator Jenny Ewen on 0428 611 197 for details.

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Fleay’s huge haul in Ongerup Football Association

AN incredible 24 goals Karl Fleay was the highlight from round four of the Ongerup Football Association, which was played last weekend.
Nanjing Night Net


Jerramungup 28.17 (185) defeated Boxwood Hills 7.7 (49).

Best players: Jerramungup: Bill Brown, Bill Parker, Jayden Brooks.

Boxwood Hills: Clinton North, Jeremy Walker, Tom Bertola.

Goal scorers: Jerramungup: Bill Parker 9, Jayden Brooks 4

Boxwood Hills: Clinton North 2.

Boxwood Hills had a solid third quarter, however Jerramungup were good all day with a dominant last quarter.

Lake Grace/Pingrup 47.19 (301) defeated Kent 1.1 (7).

Best players: Lake Grace/Pingrup: Karl Fleay, Rueben Smith, Michael Trevenen.

Kent: Alan Hobley, Glynn Verbruggen, Barry Jolley.

Goal scorers: Lake Grace/Pingrup: Karl Fleay 24, Tyson Prater 7, Kane Pinney 4.

Kent: David Bull 1.

Lake Grace/Pingrup totally dominated from start to finish.

Special mention to Karl Fleay who kicked 24 goals.

Borden 19.12 (126) defeated Newdegate 6.9 (45).

Best players: Borden: Jamie Bolton, Jaxon Ramsay, Wayne Bolton.

Newdegate: Clint Westlake, Harvey Lynch, Kim Newman.

Goal scorers: Borden: Wayne Bolton 7, Kyle Bolton 3, Jarrod Shaw 3

Newdegate: All singles.

A hard fought start to the game, however Borden kicked 7 goals in the second quarter and stayed in front for the rest of the day.

Gnowangerup had a bye.

Leading goal scorers: Karl Fleay (LG/P) 36; Bill Parker (J) 35; Wayne Bolton (B) 16;

Jayden Brooks (J) 14; Michael Lester (J) 12; Craig Webster (G) 10.


Boxwood Hills 16.12 (108) defeated Jerramungup 4.5 (29).

Lake Grace/Pingrup bye.

Borden and Newdegate dual forfeit.

Gnowangerup had a bye.


Jerramungup 8.17 (65) defeated Boxwood Hills 1.1 (7).

Lake Grace/Pingrup had a bye.

Borden 19.11 (125) defeated Newdegate 5.18 (48).

Gnowangerup had a bye.

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Upper Great Southern Football round five results

ROUND five of the Upper Great Southern Football League was played on the weekend.
Nanjing Night Net

Boddington versus Kukerin/Dumbleyung at Boddington


Boddington 3.4, 9.5, 12.11, 17.12 (114) defeated Kukerin/Dumbleyung 4.0, 4.3, 6.4, 9.6 (60).

Goal scorers: Boddington: B McDonald 6, T Bruce 2, T Elliott 2, B Luttrell 2, K Rensted 2, M Giumelli 1, T Fairclough 1, S Moore 1.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: J Ward 4, T Ditchburn 2, N Ditchburn 1, R Taylor 1, L Tucker 1.

Best players: Boddington: O Young, M Giumelli, D Hassett, B McDonald, K Lang, A Townsend.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: M Roberts, P Joyce, N Ditchburn, J Ward, R Taylor, A Gray.


Boddington 2.5, 6.11, 7.12, 8.14 (62) defeated Kukerin/Dumbleyung 1.0, 1.3, 2.8, 3.9 (27).

Goal scorers: Boddington: D Douglas 2, R Manson 2, D Hay 1, R Rogers 1, M Salmeri 1, S Kelsall 1.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: M McWhirter 1, D O'Sullivan 1, M Pracy 1.

Best players: Boddington: R Manson, J Dickson, D Sullivan, D Douglas, T Sherry, P Dawson.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: M Pracy, C Shotter, W Cook, S Gray, J Hughes, L Lansbury.


Boddington won on forfeit.


Boddington 2.3, 3.4, 8.5, 11.8 (74) defeated Kukerin/Dumbleyung 2.1, 4.4, 4.5, 5.7 (37).

Best players: Boddington: J Batterbee, J Salmeri, B Sherry, L Peillon, L Hannah.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: R Morris, J Pearce, N Kirk, B Carruthers, A Shotter, C Ditchburn.

Brookton/Pingelly versus Wickepin at Pingelly


Brookton/Pingelly 5.4, 8.5, 12.5, 16.8 (104) defeated Wickepin 5.4, 6.9, 7.10, 11.8 (74).

Goal scorers: Brookton/Pingelly: L McCallum 5, T Allington 3, B Pike 3, N Kamman 2, J Ugle 2, C Lawrence 1.

Wickepin: J Bolt 4, L Crouch 2, R Astbury 1, C O'Brien 1, C Taylor 1, J Quartermaine 1, C Penny 1.

Best players: Brookton/Pingelly: T Crawford, J Hughes, L Gray, J House, T Allington.

Wickepin: R Astbury, C Taylor, J Miller, K Medcalf, G Francis, F Wittwer.


Wickepin 2.4, 3.6, 10.7, 14.11 (95) defeated Brookton/Pingelly 2.3, 3.7, 5.8, 7.11 (53).

Goal scorers: Wickepin: B Thorne 3, C Medcalf 2, R Ugle 2, D Taylor 2, T Medcalf 1, R Ferguson 1, Joseph Lee 1, Jamie Lee 1, R Lee 1.

Brookton/Pingelly: S Jackamarra 6, M Garlett 1.

Best players: Wickepin: Jamie Lee, C Medcalf, R Lee, Joseph Lee, S Fortini, B Thorne.

Brookton/Pingelly: D Atkins, C Bennell, C DAvis, N Ferguson, S Jackamarra, L Musarra.

Katanning Wanderers versus Narrogin Hawks at Quartermaine Oval


Narrogin Hawks 8.3, 15.5, 18.11, 25.14 (164) defeated Katanning Wanderers 2.0, 3.4, 4.6, 8.6 (54).

Goal scorers: Narrogin Hawks: R Kickett 7, P Quartermaine 5, S Boughton 3, S Harrison 3, K Mead 2, C Allison 2, H Drage 1, L Rasmussen 1, L Field 1.

Katanning Wanderers: T Fitzgerald 5, L Collard 1, T Justins 1, R Marris 1.

Best players: Narrogin Hawks: S Boughton, S Harrison, R Kickett, L Davis, C Allison, K Mead.

Katanning Wanderers: S Kowald, D Newman, J Mills, T Caldwell, D Obst, T Fitzgerald.


Narrogin Hawks 0.4, 4.11, 10.13, 14.17 (101) defeated Katanning Wanderers 5.1, 7.4, 10.6, 13.7 (85).

Goal scorers: Narrogin Hawks: F Collard 3, T Eades 3, B Stott 3, T Nordstom 1, W Kickett 1, T Lock 1, D Noel 1, S Nelson 1.

Katanning Wanderers: H Thompson 2, Z Simpson 2, M Durack 2, P Kowald 2, P Keley 2, T Riley 1, M Kitchen 1, A Eades 1.

Best players: Narrogin Hawks: D Bolton, C Potter, H Ross, T Lock, D Noel, F Collard.

Katanning Wanderers: P Kowald, M Thompson, L Pitman, S Fidler, J Beattie, J Seageant.


Katanning Wanderers 2.1, 6.3, 7.5, 13.11 (89) defeated Narrogin Hawks 0.3, 1.3, 3.5, 4.5 (29).

Goal scorers: Katanning Wanderers: Khallan Zilm 4, R Nicholson 2, N Marino 2, N Weazel 1, J Wolfe 1, T Armstrong 1, J Barritt 1, S Watgson 1.

Narrogin Hawks: N Miller 1, M Walker 1, B Quartermaine 1, A Holmes 1.

Best players: Katanning Wanderers: Khallan Zilm, B Woods, S Watson, K Stewart, R Nicholson, T Armstrong.

Narrogin Hawks: H Hicks, T Mead, B Quartermaine, S Norwell, I Flores, C Smith.


Katanning Wanderers 6.7, 10.9, 14.13, 21.16 (142) defeated Narrogin Hawks 0.0, 1.0, 1.0, 2.0 (12).

Best players: Katanning Wanderers: C Bolton, A McKay, C Terry, R Shaw, J Bolton, D Willey.

Narrogin Hawks: R Fleay, I Ugle, R McNab, D Anderson, B Heil, P Agnew.

Williams versus Wagin at Williams


Williams 7.4, 18.14, 24.15, 32.21 (213) defeated Wagin 2.1, 5.1, 6.4, 7.5 (47).

Goal scorers: Williams: M Gilhome 8, J Anderson 4, N Panizza 4,D Harley 3, Gerard Medlen 3, B Hardie 3, J Price 3, D McWha 2, J Banks 2.

Wagin: D Tulley 4, S Robinson 1, T Richards 1, D Wallan 1.

Best players: Williams: M Gilhome, Gerard Medlen, D Harley, B Kain, J Anderson, B Hardie.

Wagin: T Richards, J Wallace, B Robinson, D Sprigg, D Painter, H Patterson.


Williams 1.2, 7.5, 9.9, 15.14 (104) defeated Wagin 2.3, 2.4, 3.4, 3.4 (22).

Goal scorers: Williams: R Wilkie 5, S Phelps 2, A Ogg 2, J Stringer 2, S Maylor 1, J Moore 1, J McIntyre 1, T Banks 1.

Wagin: C Watkins 1, A McGrath 1, B Kelly 1.

Best players: Williams: Josh Medlen, R Wilkie, J Moore, A Ogg, J McIntyre, J Stringer.

Wagin: B Pearce, N Pearce, R Scardetta, D Fleay, N Harrington, D Hosking.


Wagin 7.4, 14.8, 21.10, 21.10 (136) defeated Williams 0.0, 0.0, 1.2, 9.7 (61).

Goal scorers: Wagin: R Andrews 4, J Stephens 4, Z Watt 3, L Taylor 2, T Cole 2, J Barrett 1, A Kapene 1, J Putland 1, J Davidson 1, B Stephens 1, B Ward 1.

Williams: T Banks 2, A Harris 1.

Best players: Wagin: R Andrews, D Hosking, L Taylor, J Stephens, R Adrain, C Holder.

Williams: T Banks, G Tooke, S Wallam, B McGowan, A Harris, J Bunch.


Wagin 6.2, 8.5, 11.7, 15.13 (103) defeated Williams 0.1, 0.1, 0.4, 0.4 (4).

Best players: Wagin: D Watt, C Ward, N Spooner, J Spurr, M Price, N Corbett.

Williams: J Webster, Z Ogg, C haydock. H Fowler, J Dowling, L Whitely.

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Kukerin wins 3-0 in A-grade hockey

BEAUTIFUL sunshine greeted the players in Bruce Rock as all the hockey teams in the Roe association gathered in one place for a gala day.
Nanjing Night Net

The C-grade fought hard all day, with Charlotte Edwards tackling the ball and James Lee stopping many in the D.

The goalie, Jacob Nenke, was under fire all day and did a great job repelling many balls.

Shannon Leo hugged the wing all day, running back and forth.

The players did a great job but unfortunately Corrigin was too strong and Kukerin lost 3-0.

It was great to see so many young adults trying their hand at umpiring, in what was a well-run and successful day.

The A-grade was eager to atone for the mistakes of last week and came out fighting to draw first blood with an awesome top of D goal from Julie Ditchburn.

Narelle Leo was among every play and kept fighting all day.

Nat Lee was open and ready to receive and Michelle Gooding was strong in the centre.

Michelle Mycock scored an impressive goal from right in front, spinning on a dime and Michelle Gooding finished the game with a third penetrating goal.

In the dying seconds of the game a trifecta of falls played out beginning with Marisa Edwards, continuing with Amanda Nenke and finishing with Stevie Sutherland.

Kukerin were happy winners 3-0.

Kukerin Hockey Club said a fond and sad farewell to the Leo family, who will be departing for new opportunities.

Their contribution to the small club will be missed and the club wishes them success and happiness in their new adventure.

Next week there is no A-grade game and only C-grade travels to Hyden.

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Ballet leaps into term two in Kukerin

Keira Sutherland, Tandice Smith, Ruby Stanton and Olivia Mycock perform a scarf dance.THE Dust & Tulle Dance School commenced ballet lessons recently at the Kukerin Hall.
Nanjing Night Net

It was very pleasing to have such healthy numbers for the first class back, with students coming from Kukerin, Dumbleyung, Dudinin and Lake Grace.

All students looked like professional little ballerinas in their ballet leotards as they twirled and whirled, sashayed and jumped their way through each class.

All toes where pointed and smiles plentiful as qualified ballet teacher Hazel Meeres led the students through a series of fun and musical ballet exercises.

While the pre-primary and primary classes enjoyed doing lovely free-flowing finger, arm, leg and foot exercises, the grade two students enjoyed a little more structured barre work, feet positioning work and serious floor stretching exercises.

Classes are held each Friday afternoon during terms two and three.

Three classes are held during the afternoon with pre-primary from 4-4.30pm (ages two-and-a-half to five), primary from 4.30-5pm (ages six to seven) and grade two students from 5-6pm (ages eight to 12).

For more information contact Karen Faulkner on 9864 7894 or [email protected]南京夜网.

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