Caring for our country program updates

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) representative Pat Dwyer, Wagin farmer Xavier White, National Landcare facilitator Mike Grasby and Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone’s Danielle Perrie at a well-established patch of perennial tall wheat grass.THE shires of Katanning, Dumbleyung, Wagin and Woodanilling have been visited by representatives of the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) Caring for Our Country program this week to get a feel for the work being done by local landcare groups and landholders.
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The representatives flew from Canberra this week to visit a range of projects funded under the program including the several projects under the 2010-11 Community Action Grants as well as the Increasing the Uptake of Technology to Improve Soil Condition funded under the Sustainable Agricultural open call.

Christine Aughey from the Australian Government Land and Coasts Grants Services visited sites in Katanning, Dumbleyung and Woodanilling looking at projects supported by Dumbleyung Landcare Zone, Katanning LCDC and the Bugs & Biology Group.

Excluding Stock to Improve Biodiversity is one being implemented by Katanning LCDC and local farmers included fencing and revegetation.

Katanning District Landcare officer Marianne Perrie was thrilled to show Ms Aughey around.

“It was pleasing to see that the Australian government had sent someone to have a look at what we get up to around here,” she said.

“Christine was not here in any auditing capacity, but more just to familiarise herself on site with the issues that we face daily in our landscape and take messages back to Canberra about our local priorities.”

National Landcare facilitator Mike Grasby and Pat Dwyer of the WA team visited two sites and landholders that were part of the soils project which offered 30 landholders across the Upper Blackwood EM mapping support, deep soil testing, membership to Evergreen and technical site advice from Evergreen as well as some funding to implement practices to improve soil condition.

The activities undertaken included 209 hectares of perennial pasture establishment, 236 hectares of liming and gypsum, 10 kilometres of fencing, 10,000 saltbush and some other trial soil improvers such as Lure H2o.

Among the sites they were able to see high success rates and vitality of the seedlings and perennials that were planted throughout the 2011 season.

One local farmer who has been involved in landcare projects for most of his life said it was the summer rains that made the difference.

“I have never seen one-year-old seedlings look so good,” he said.

“We are a very active area with high interest in sustainable agricultural programs,” Cara Badger from the Dumbleyung Landcare Zone said.

“It’s great to showcase the results of what this kind of funding can achieve on the ground.”

For more information on funding opportunities and results of the current projects call local landcare offices: Wagin on 9861 2222, Katanning on 9821 4327 or Dumbleyung on 9863 4225.

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Membership up but numbers down at scroungers

EVEN though there is a membership of roughly 70, it was not a good start to Winter Scroungers last Thursday.
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A few would be away and some are sick but where was everyone else because only seven people turned up to play bowls.

On rink two Michael Deworboies, Mary Riseborough, Ken Meers and Sandra Hill had fun in the sun.

Deworboies had a good lead at the halfway stage, Riseborough was having problems keeping up with him and Meers was having problems instructing his bowls where to go once they left his hand.

Deworboies went on to win with 42 points, followed by Riseborough with 34 points, Meers with 23 points and Hill with nine points.

Rink three had Davida Mitchell, Bernie Welland and Ross Hunt who all played a good game.

Hunt had a small lead at the halfway stage with Mitchell and Welland right behind him.

Hunt powered away to finish with 62 points, followed by Welland with 36 points and Mitchell with 34 points.

A two-end final was played between Hunt and Deworboies, which was won by Hunt who defeated Deworboies 12 points to nil.

The next game is today, Thursday, May 10, at 1.30pm.

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Site recognition marked by plaque

Carmen Bairstow with children Danae and Eden after the plaque was unveiled. Dumbleyung Shire councillor Graham Wilson and shire chief executive Henry Van Der Ende at the unveiling with Carmen Bairstow.
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Dumbleyung Shire councillor Graham Wilson and shire manager of works and services Jeff Alderton after the unveiling.

AFTER Dumbleyung transport company owners Darran and Carmen Bairstow leased a block of land in the industrial area of the Dumbleyung town site they met with Indigenous Elders and the Department of Indigenous Affairs to discuss recognition of the history of the area.

It was decided to do this with a plaque placed on a rock which Mrs Bairstow wanted to be sourced from their home property near Dumbleyung.

After finding a suitable rock, shire works supervisor John Bairstow helped move it to its new location, easily accessible to members of the public to see.

Mrs Bairstow said she was also grateful for the help of shire mechanic Stephen Hughes, who affixed the plaque to the rock.

The plaque was funded by the state government’s Reconciliation Sponsorship Scheme.

It was officially unveiled by Mrs Bairstow on April 19 and acknowledges the area as an historical camp which was used from the 19th century until 1962 by members of the local Noongar community, who still have an interest in this area.

Mrs Bairstow said while the block was intended for industrial use, she had plans to plant back a section of it to trees and was already impressed with the re-growth of native quandongs in an area which had been cleared of weeds.

“We are now hoping to develop the block and turn it into a viable business,” she said.

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Craft mornings cultivate friendships

THE doors are open every Friday at Wagin Care and Share for those who have a crafty bone in their body.THE doors are open every Friday at Wagin Care and Share for those who have a crafty bone in their body.
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Whether people’s craft of choice is knitting, crocheting, making cards, cross stitch, embroidery, candle making, patch work, quilling or something different, all are welcome.

Wagin resident Joan Johannson said anyone was welcome to join in and age or experience was not an issue.

“We welcome anyone here; there is a young lady that comes who is just learning to knit which is great,” Mrs Johannson said.

“You don’t actually have to even do craft – we are happy for people just to come up for the social aspect of it.”

Del Smith has just completed Samuel Crowe the pirate, which she knitted on request for a woman she had already knitted a wizard for.

She had previously knitted another pirate for a young man with cerebral palsy.

All who attend the craft mornings agree that the time is just as much about enjoying their hobbies as it is each other’s company.

“We share laughter, coffee, cake and talk about what is going on in our lives,” Mrs Johansson said.

“There are quite a few of us that come and we have become very close over the years.

“The friendship and fellowship we get out of it is wonderful.”

Craft days are held at Care and Share on Fridays between 9am and 12pm.

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Smooth running Wagin markets a success

Lance and Luca Mudgeway had composted manure and mulch on offer.A CLOUDY day did not stop people from attending the annual Wagin Community Resource Centre’s (CRC) Autumn Markets on Saturday, April 28.
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The hall was filled to capacity and with more stock than ever, the variety of stalls on offer made sure there was something for everybody.

Organised by Wagin CRC co-ordinator Graham Murray, the day ran smoothly with no problems.

A huge amount of work goes into the running of the markets, which was recognised by the public and the Wagin CRC staff who appreciate all efforts from Mr Murray and everyone else involved.

With plenty of baby gifts, jewellery, massage products, cups of tea, sausage sizzles, cakes, bric-a-brac, face painting, dinkys, wooden toys, plants and much more on offer the day was huge a success.

Wagin CRC looks forward to hosting events such as these in the future and thanked all stall holders for participating, the efforts from helpers and the community for supporting this event.

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Massive win for Jerramungup in Ongerup Football Association

ROUND three of the Ongerup Football Association was played on the weekend, with results as follows.
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Jerramungup 47.26 (308) defeated Kent 5.3 (33).

Best players: Jerramungup: Jayden Brooks, Brent Bailey, Bill Parker.

Kent: Shaun Fewson, Cameron Doak, Jason Harris.

Goal scorers: Jerramungup: Bill Parker 13, Michael Lester 11.

Kent: Glynn Verbruggen 2.

Kent battled hard all day but were well beaten by a much fitter and stronger Jerramungup side.

Gnowangerup 17.16 (118) defeated Borden 14.9 (93).

Best players: Gnowangerup: Jaan Shaddick, Lomas Ugle Damien Stewart.

Borden: Jamie Bolton, Kyle Bolton, Lachy McFarlane.

Goal scorers: Gnowangerup: Craig Webster 5, Lomas Ugle 4, Nick Crichton 3.

Borden: Ricky Ninyette 3, Wayne Bolton 3.

Gnowangerup's first home game in two years saw a hard fought game played on a heavy surface.

Lake Grace/Pingrup 19.6 (120) defeated Newdegate 11.7 (73).

Best players: Lake Grace/Pingrup: Dean Rintoul, David Newman, Harvey Lynch.

Newdegate: Grant O'Neill, Luke Bairstow, Demon Pelham.

Goal scorers: Dean Rintoul 4.

Newdegate: Karl Fley 4.

It was a close game of football for most of the day, however Lake Grace/Pingrup ran out the game better.

Boxwood Bill had a bye.

Leading goal scorers: Bill Parker (J) 26; Craig Webster (G) 18; Karl Fleay (LGP) 12; Michael Lester (J) 11; Wayne Bolton (B) 9; Lomas Ugle (G) 8.


Jerramungup had a bye.

Gnowangerup 12.7 (79) defeated Borden 11.2 (68).

Lake Grace/Pingrup defeated Newdegate by forfeit.

Boxwood Hill had a bye.


Jerramungup had a bye.

Gnowangerup 7.11 (53) defeated Borden 5.2 (32).

Lake Grace/Pingrup 11.11 (77) defeated Newdegate 9.15 (69).

Boxwood Hill had a bye.

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Speed Alert Monitor feedback sought

THE shires of Wagin and Dumbleyung were recently successful in obtaining funding to purchase Speed Alert Monitor (SAM) trailers through the Roadwise initiative.
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The WA government’s Target Zero campaign assisted in the development of this project to ensure the community’s safety.

The respective shires are calling for community input about the effectiveness of the SAM trailers.

With a large number of heavy vehicles on the roads transporting fertiliser in time for seeding and with term two starting and school zones becoming active again, it is a crucial time to be slowing down on roads and abiding by the road rules.

Dumbleyung Police Sergeant Peter Payne said when the SAM trailers were first introduced, it was to help people determine their vehicle’s discrepancy on speed readouts versus actual speed.

“Most vehicles these days are fairly accurate, unless the drivers have changed the tyres against the manufacturer’s specifications, which is becoming common,” Sergeant Payne said.

All community members are invited to provide feedback on the SAM trailers and they will soon find a survey in their mail boxes.

The survey is also available on the shire website, or a copy can be collected from the shire office.

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Help shape Wagin’s future

THE Wagin community will have a greater opportunity to shape its future with the shire undertaking long-term strategic planning.
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The integrated strategic planning framework, including community strategic plans, has been introduced as a legislative requirement with local governments to have plans in place by July next year.

Council’s integrated strategic planning will include a thorough community engagement process to establish a community strategic plan for a 10-20-year horizon.

The process, which is constructed around community engagement, will seek genuine input from the community and the long range planning will assist the council in their annual budgeting and day-to-day operations.

Shire president Phil Blight said the concept had merit in that it would be able to give council the tools to manage their long-term financial position.

He said council would start to engage with the community in a purposeful way as they prepare their long-term strategic plans.

“We will conduct surveys and communicate through the local newspaper and other social media,” Mr Blight said.

He said planning for new infrastructure would have to be modelled against a whole of life costing.

“Existing infrastructure will be analysed to create maintenance schedules and expected replacement timeframes,” he said.

“This may expose deficiencies in our current management of assets and/or the capacity to pay for them.

“It is a lengthy process that will consume a lot of staff and elected members' time and resources, so it is important that the community is aware of what it is all about.”

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Volunteers help clean up Dumbleyung

Volunteers Beth Bartram, Helen Gooding, Millie Bray, Liz Dare, Geraldine Gunnell and Jill Clarke enjoy a well-earned cuppa after their hard work. Liz Dare with rubbish collected from the side of the road.
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Geraldine Gunnell, Liz Dare and Beth Bartram hard at work cleaning up.

LOCAL volunteers recently spent a morning cleaning up roadsides along the western entrance to Dumbleyung.

Six volunteers cleaned up the verges of the Katanning and Dumbleyung roads, as far as the Mount Pleasant Road, spending time picking up rubbish, mowing and using the whipper-snipper.

They were given a hand by some of the shire’s outside staff.

Dumbleyung Shire manager of works and services Jeff Alderton said the entrance to town now looked magnificent and it was hoped this type of voluntary work could happen on a regular basis in Dumbleyung.

“After the volunteers were inducted at the start of the morning they were left to their own devices and they did an excellent job,” Mr Alderton said.

“It really was a great clean up.”

Meanwhile the long awaited changes to the Collie Lake King Highway (Dumbleyung’s main street) and its intersection with the Nyabing Road turn off may soon be under way, which will change the shape of the road at this end of town.

Mr Alderton said that Main Roads had plans to widen this intersection and include a turning lane

to enable trucks to turn safely from the east.

It was hoped the work would be completed this financial year.

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Good results for Wagin netball teams

THE Wagin Redbacks under 13s netball team started off well on Saturday, May 5, with a strong team and only just fell short of winning.
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Amber Andrews and Zena Scale did a wonderful job as shooters sinking goals between them.

Brianna Davidson and Hena Smith did an amazing job defending and stopped lots of goals.

Emelia Mangalavite, Kayla Smith, Jayde Andrews and Zoe Wright all did a fantastic job in the centre court, doing both defending and attacking.

All in all it was a great game between Wagin Redbacks and Olympics Navy with Wagin going down by 12 goals.

The best players were Hena Smith and Brianna Davidson.

The Wagin Black 16s and under team played an exceptional game, with victory going to Wagin 49 versus Pingelly 22.

All the girls played a clean game which made it a pleasure to watch.

Pressure was applied on the ball from defence right through to the centre court making the goal scorers capitalise on the score and it showed.

The girls trained hard and are all extremely dedicated to the team and each other, which paid off this week.

Players of the day go to Ayla Smith and Olivia Dorn and the coaches’ choice goes to Kalym Iles for holding and leading always at the right time.

The Wagin Bulldogs A3 team was in uncharted waters when it came up against its opponents Williams 3 last Saturday.

Their eagerness to get on court matched their excitement and Wagin came out strong.

With nine players rostering for this game it made the interchanges fresh and full of energy.

First quarter saw a one goal margin and improvements were made with passing and placements.

The second quarter saw a massive 15 goal hike in Wagin’s favour, so the game was set from that point onwards.

In the fourth quarter Kelly Edwards was injured which meant a quick change.

But the overall game was clean, fun and well played and Wagin defeated Williams 28-50.

Rules in action is at 5pm today for all club players and members, followed by a club meeting and then training.

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