St John Ambulance community paramedic Sonia Huggins hands equipment to Dumbleyung Kukerin volunteer ambulance officer Leanne White.THE Dumbleyung Kukerin St John Ambulance sub-centre recently held a training session with the community paramedic from Katanning, Sonia Huggins.
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Ms Huggins outlined her role within the organisation to attendees explaining that community paramedics were new in the community and an important support for the ambulance crews that operate in the region.

This was the first meeting with Ms Huggins for the sub-centre.

Previously Skye Moxham from Narrogin has attended to assist with training.

The duties of running the sub-centres and attending call-outs are done by a crew of volunteers.

Most equipment and costs associated with this is raised through memberships and funding from within the community.

Paramedics have specific training and while their role is to support sub-centres, they have many varied duties including being on call to assist with emergency care.

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