Carole Lindley is one of the fantastic support workers who make such a difference to the community, through her work with the Wagin Home and Community Care.THE Wagin community is fortunate to have an organisation such as Home and Community Care (HACC) available to those who need some extra support.
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HACC co-ordinator Sue Cuthbert said the aim of this worthwhile program was to keep people in their own homes for as long as possible, rather than have them face the prospect of moving into permanent care.

HACC services are available to anyone finding it difficult to perform any sort of daily living task, due to ongoing functional disabilities or fragility.

This means not only are the elderly able to receive help, but so are the younger members of our community who may have an ongoing disability.

Referrals to HACC can be made through doctors, the hospital, family members or even through friends and neighbours, with the permission of the person being referred.

HACC is supported by the Shire of Wagin, with information brochures outlining their services available at the shire offices, HACC, the doctor’s surgery and Wagin Hospital.

“HACC also has community aged care packages which provide more assistance when clients need a higher level of care than HACC is able to provide,” Mrs Cuthbert said.

Some of the services available include domestic assistance, which include everyday household tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping, washing, ironing, shopping or even cooking, with Meals on Wheels also available.

Some clients may find it difficult to shower or dress themselves and need assistance in this area.

HACC is also able to help with home maintenance and gardening in order to maintain independence and safe access.

Social support is also included, as some people may need assistance with essential activities such as, banking, visits to the doctor, hair appointments and maintaining their social contacts.

Sadly sometimes the elderly or disabled are living in isolation and therefore they look forward to being able to have a cuppa and a chat with their support worker.

This sort of service can make a huge difference in the quality of life of someone who is not able to get out and about and mix freely in the community due to their circumstances.

“As much as the support workers are there to help and support where needed, we encourage the wellness approach with our clients to maintain their skills or in some cases, such as in a stroke, to re-learn skills, so that our clients are able to feel positive and as independent as possible,” Mrs Cuthbert said.

As well as having help, HACC clients also have two social days to look forward to.

On the second and fourth Monday of each month, an activity day is held at the Eric Farrow Pavilion.

In the morning guests are able to put their skills to great use in the forms of various games and quizzes.

Then, once lunch is over, they get down to the serious business of playing bingo for the afternoon.

Some of the clients who participate in the centre-based daycare are able to go on enjoyable outings and even a couple of times a year go on a one or two-night trip.

One such trip, which was held just before Christmas last year, involved clients enjoying an overnight stay in Manjimup, where they visited some of the cherry farms in the area that were holding events due to the local Cherry Festival

Social get togethers with different HACC organisations are also common events, with the Boddington HACC due to visit Wagin next month.

“It is just a great way for our clients to be able to interact socially with other agencies,” Mrs Cuthbert said.

For further information regarding HACC call Sue Cuthbert on 9861 1874.

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