IT’S not very often in these busy lives we all seem to live these days that some thing or someone will help you to stop and pass away a few moments of our time.
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So with this in mind I would like to just take a few precious moments of your time to say a big hearty thank you to Julie and her editorial of “Just my opinion”.

This short or long editorial, depending I suppose on how Julie is feeling at the time of writing her piece has made buying the Wagin Argus for me, a lot more enjoyable.

Yes, it’s nice to read about how all our sporting clubs have gone over the weekend and to note what is for sale, who is having a birthday or garage sale but we all need something to distract us for just a brief moment.

I personally have found this little opinion of Julie’s most readable and entertaining.

It’s not always that I’m in agreement with what she has to say but it is after all her opinion.

More often than not though, I find myself nodding in agreement and laughing at her quips.

Last week she took me back to a time spent on our Williams farm growing up and yes the smells of ripping up a paddock, that sends the senses and emotions into overdrive.

So from one reader to the Wagin Argus and of course Julie, thank you for allowing me a moment of time to sit with a coffee and read what she has to say for the week.

It’s the part of the Argus I always find myself seeking out first.

Karen Scott, Wagin

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