TEN players took to the rinks and enjoyed a game of winter bowls while the sun was shining recently.
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Rink three had Ken Meers, Bernie Welland and Ken Preston having a good game with Preston holding a two-point lead over Welland at the 11th end and Meers very close behind.

Preston kept the lead and finished the game with 58 points followed by Welland with 41 points and Meers on 33 points.

Rink four had Davida Mitchell, Lisa Deworboies, Ross Hunt and Mary Riseborough having a mixed game, with Riseborough holding the lead over Hunt who was unable to handle three women at once.

Riseborough kept the lead and finished with a big smile and a score of 37 points, followed by Mitchell with 30 points, Deworboies with 22 points and Hunt came in last with 19 points.

Rink five had Ben Pearce, Sandra Hill and Leanne Cook having a good game with Pearce holding his own against the girls.

Pearce had a big lead at the halfway stage, and Cook and Hill had no chance of closing the gap.

Pearce went on to win with 60 points followed by Cook with 43 points and Hill with 29 points.

The four-end final was between Pearce, Preston and Riseborough.

As in past games, Riseborough had to show the men she can still take them on and win, and did so in fine form.

July 1 saw the first day of Sunday bowls and seven players turned up for a game and some fresh air.

Rink two had Yvonne Simpson, Davida Mitchell and Bernie Welland having a very close game from start to finish.

Simpson had a lead of only one point at the ninth end, while Welland was having a few problems with the early morning start.

The game was very close, with Simpson the eventual winner, followed by Welland in second and Mitchell in third.

Rink three had John Davidson, Ian Young, Mary Riseborough and Dave Hill.

Only 16 ends were played, with the winner being Young with 36 points, followed by Davidson on 29 points, Riseborough on 16 points and Hill with 12 points.

No finals were played.

Sunday morning bowls continue next week weather permitting, names need to be in by 9am for a 9.30am start.

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