WITH winter having arrived and seeding in full swing Wagin residents are reminded of the dangers associated with moving farm equipment and urged to make safety a top priority.
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Long hours, coupled with early starts and late finishes in the dark of early morning or late evening, make for a high risk period.

Drivers are encouraged to protect themselves and other road users by thinking safety at all times, which includes travelling with headlights on, preferably at all times.

When moving large farm equipment on public roads, drivers are reminded to have their flashing lights on, as well as head lights and an escort vehicle.

UHF radios should be tuned to channel 40, with your position, size and direction broadcast before you move equipment to alert heavy vehicles that there is a large slow moving vehicle ahead, especially on windy and hilly sections of road.

For more information on towing farm equipment visit www.transport.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/LBU_VS_B_TowedAgricultural.pdf.

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