Under the watchful eye of Bernie Welland, Mary Riseborough steps up for her turn. Ben Pearce gets ready to release his bowl as Mary Riseborough watches on.
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Bernie Welland takes one final look down the green before he releases his bowl.

: Ross Hunt gets down nice and low as he prepares to let his bowl roll down the green.

DUE to the cold weather conditions only six players turned out for winter scroungers last Thursday but because the rules state you need eight players, they were unable to play an official game of bowls.

However, they decided they would play a friendly game of triples unofficially, which was miraculously uninterrupted by rain.

William Hill, Ross Hunt and Bernie Welland won the first game but Ken Preston, Mary Riseborough and Ben Pearce won the second game.

Triples became pairs when Riseborough and Pearce called it a day and after eight ends, the duo of Hill and Welland won against Preston and Hunt.

Happy to get out of the cold, the players retired after that for some refreshments.

Scroungers will be on today, weather permitting.

Names need to be in by 1pm for a 1.30pm start.

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