WEEK nine of the Upper Great Southern Hockey Association was played last weekend.
Nanjing Night Net

Primary school

Devils defeated Wagin 2-0.

Better players: Whole team, T Seaton, J Kirk.

Dingoes defeated Saints 4-1.

Better players: B Wiese, J Moyses, K Barrett, D Conlan.

Dumbleyung defeated Wickepin 9-0.

Better players: P Temby, H Edwards.

Brookton defeated Sharks 4-0.

Better players: L Sweeney, D Forward, C Watts, C Blight.

Williams defeated Pingelly 4-1.

Better players: O Harding, E Chitty, E Blechynden, T Blechynden.

Bulldogs defeated Stingrays 5-0.

Better players: L Early, M Barr, B Reynolds, F Pinkerton;

Middle school

NRC Lions defeated Panthers 3-0.

Better players: L Ward, B Warburton, J O’Neill, N Corner, C Ward, S Thompson.

Tigers defeated Pumas 9-0.

Better players: B Heil, P Kirby, T Shepherd, B Kempton, C Page, A Harris.

Upper school

Falcons defeated NRC Toucans 8-1.

Better players: B Quartermaine, C Lutz, S McKay, F Lydiate, M Hardy, K Gors.

Ag Rangers defeated Condors 4-0.

Better players: J Wiles, S Garstone, R Armour, E Fleay, D Broun, C McKenzie.

Men B-grade

Pingelly defeated Olympics 2-1.

Better players: B Warburton, B Walker, P Warburton, J Staphorst, S Fowler, J Pomykala.

Wagin Black defeated Dumbleyung 3-1.

Better players: C Forrest, L Mudgway, D Kellow, D Cronin, M Atkins, R Bairstow.

Riffs defeated Wagin White 4-1.

Better players: G Lorrimar, C Lutz, D Keogh, T Cook, K Hough, A Anthony.

Warriors defeated Williams 8-0.

Better players A Corner, J Heal, I Milentis, M Rose, P Beary, S Harding.

Women B-grade

Williams drew Wagin 1-1.

Better players: B Duff, J Gowland, T Kirk, L Kellow, A Carter-Regan, A Quartermaine.

Wickepin drew Robins 1-1.

Better players: R Bransby-Riley, L Marchei, A Manton, J Pratt, M Sprigg, H Pomykala.

Warriors drew Brookton 0-0.

Better players: J Hayes, P Bairstow, P Robinson, J Fancote, N McMiles, D Sweeney.

Men A-grade

Riffs drew Olympics 2-2.

Better players: S McKay, R Ballard, G Francis, S Heil, S Sexton, A Jamieson.

All Blacks defeated Pingelly 5-1.

Better players: S Broad, A Armstrong, T Lock, T Warburton, C O’Brien, B Warburton.

Women A-grade

Warriors defeated Pingelly 4-1.

Better players: E Fleay, C Borthwick, L Archer, K Atherton, N Broun, D Ford.

Mighty Ducks defeated Robins 2-0.

Better players: C Robinson, V Perkins, B Atkins, J George, Z Lancaster, C Coffey.

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