Burnouts by mindless vandals undo all the hard work and effort put in to the upkeep of the football oval by the Wagin Shire works crew.IN TWO separate incidents last week, vandals have made a mess of sporting facilities in town.
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On July 23 at 8.11pm a vehicle drove onto the trotting track at the sportsgrounds, went to the western end of the track and did burnouts on the football oval before driving away.

The same night, a vehicle also cut up on a green and fairway at the Wagin Golf Club.

Police were notified of the incident at the oval by a concerned citizen and are currently reviewing CCTV footage.

Golf club members who were preparing for an event found the damage at the golf club the following day.

Sergeant Paul Lydiate said it was a shame people had damaged property belonging to sporting facilities that are used by the community.

“Any information which could help identify these people would be extremely appreciated, as I won’t tolerate any such behaviour,” he said.

“And ideally, I would like to put them before the judicial system so there is a consequence to their actions.”

If anybody has any information relating to the two incidents or knows the people responsible they are encouraged to call the Wagin police on 9861 1211.

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