Church member Wendy McDougall is happy to give thanks back to the staff and workers of the Wagin Shire, including chief executive Len Calneggia.THE National Day of Thanksgiving is a day when all Australians can pause as a nation and thank each other for those many things often taken for granted but make life worth living.
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Each year the National Day of Thanksgiving focuses on a different group/service to be thanked for their contribution to the community, to celebrate with them and show appreciation for what they do.

This year the focus in Wagin was local government – the shire council staff and workers.

Recently in the week leading up to the National Day of Thanksgiving the local churches provided afternoon tea for the council staff and depot workers.

A few members of the churches in Wagin joined together to take afternoon tea first to the council staff and then the workers at the shire depot.

Each worker of the council and depot were also given a thank you card to show appreciation for the work they continue to do in Wagin’s community.

Reverend Allan Ward spoke about the appreciation from the churches for the council staff and workers and read out the official statement from Governor General Quentin Bryce.

Ms Bryce said this year thanks went to the staff of the local councils and their elected officials who were leading voices in our communities.

“We are indebted to them for their essential work – from the early risers collecting kerbside rubbish, to the maintenance of playing fields that lie at the heart of our local sporting clubs,” she said.

“This year we also remember the important work of chaplains throughout the community and thank them for their continued understanding, comfort and listening in good times and bad.

“Their words have an encouraging presence in many lives; at work, with family, and in the community.”

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