THE Wagin Darts Association’s 2012 season is off to a flying start with all teams winning at least one match.
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Delayed congratulations go to a few players who have thrown the ever sought after 180: Peter Lutz from Darken Blue in round one and Peter Bartholomuezs from Woodanilling and Brad Jetta from Yongas in round two.

Round four saw Yongas have a convincing win over Misfits 10-1.

Every team member from Yongas had a peg with Brad Jetta throwing three pegs, a 39 and two 40s.

Birt Williams pegged two fours and Shane Woods pegged two and 40.

James Williams, Charlie Williams and Elvie Wallam had pegs of eight, two and 16 respectively.

Many 100s were thrown by the team with James Williams throwing three 100s and a 140.

Charlie Williams also threw three 100s and Shane Woods a 133.

Birt Williams and Brad Jetta both threw a 100 and 140 each.

James Williams had the highest team average with 68.31 followed by Brad Jetta on 66.05.

Misfits’ only peg was a four made by Dorrie Polack in the second triples match.

Hundreds were thrown by Sherene Ninyette with a 125 and a 110 for Kathleen Kaplin.

The highest average for Misfits was 55.34, which was thrown by Kevin Nordstrom, with a 44.77 for Kathleen Kaplin.

Gangsters won 8-3 against Darkan Red.

Shane Bliss had three pegs of two, 58 and nine.

Lachlan Ballantyne pegged 32 twice and Leonie Brummelman pegged 36.

Brendan Hall won his singles match with a peg of 25 and Kevin Foale with eight.

Hundreds were thrown by Lachlan Ballantyne (100) and Brendan Hall (140).

Highest average was 50.87 from Brendan Hall, closely followed by 50.14 from Lachlan Ballantyne.

Pegs for Darkan Red came from Denis Blake with six and Murray Boxall with two and 16.

Murray also threw two 100s.

Highest average for Darken Red came from Tracy Wallis with 43.15 and 42.51 thrown by A Gillett.

Katanning defeated Darken Blue 7-4 when they played at the Wagin District Club.

Peter Ward had a good night with three pegs of 14, 50 and 16.

Nathan Hayward pegged a two and Kirsty Eades 139.

Gifford Eades Junior had a two and 37.

Everyone from the Katanning team scored 100 or more.

Kirsty Eades and Gifford Eades Junior both threw 100s.

Janet Vickers and Jackie Fisher threw 110 and 124 respectively.

Nathan Hayward had two 100s and 140.

Five 100s came from Peter Ward and a 180.

A well-earned highest average of 73.94 went to Peter with a respectable 49.8 for Gifford Eades Junior.

Pegs for Darkan Blue came from Peter Lutz with 14 and eight.

Marion Moulton had a high score win with 67, as did Pistol Rhind with 45.

Darkan Blue hundreds were thrown by Peter Lutz (100), Dave Gooding (101) and Jamie White (121).

Highest average for the team was Peter Lutz with 49.29 and 45.52 from Dave Gooding.

Woodanilling were beaten on home soil by Spitfires 4-7.

Dave Conning had two pegs of two and Peter Bartholomuezs pegged an eight.

Rod Marshall had a high score of 34 to win his singles match.

Woodanilling hundreds were thrown by Tony Mader with two 121s.

Rod Marshall also threw 121 and Peter Bartholomuezs 100.

The team’s highest average was 40.11 from Peter and Tony Mader 37.

Pegs for Spitfires came from Keith Bliss with two and four and Gloria Bliss with 20.

Alan Anthony had three pegs 24, two and 46.

Katie Warren won her singles match with a high score of 81.

Hundreds were thin on the ground for Spitfires with the only one coming from Gloria Bliss 102.

Bliss had the highest average of 53.23 and Alan Anthony following with 47.07.

Morans defeated All Stars 7-4.

Morans’ pegs were hit on the board by Kevin Spurr 31 and 32, Kim Davidson 10, Carol Stanley 24, Tom Spurr 16 and 20 and Willie O 48.

Kevin Spurr threw four 100s.

Hundreds also came from Tom Spurr in the form of two 100s and a 125, and Kim Davidson 100.

The highest average for Morans was 68.76 from Kevin Spurr and 63.72 from Tom Spurr.

All Stars pegs were delivered by Jeff Alderton eight and Lorna Ramm 32.

High score wins came from Lyn Wilson with 83 and Lorna Ramm 37.

Hundreds were thrown by Irvine McArthur (140), Lorna Ramm (100 and 133) and Jeff Alderton (two 100s and 104).

All Stars’ highest average was 64.45 from Jeff Alderton, followed by Graham Wilson with 48.45.

Players are reminded to include their full name on the score sheets.

Fixtures for May 22 are Misfits versus Woody at the Wagin District Club, Darkan Red versus Yongas at the Darkan Hotel, Katanning versus Spitfires at the Wagin District Club, All Stars versus Gangsters at the Dumbleyung Tavern and Morans versus Darkan Blue at Morans Hotel.

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