THE sign on the way into Kukerin reads that it is a small town, but there was a big crowd at the football on Saturday as part of the centenary celebrations, and the football team topped off those celebrations with a big win over Wagin.
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Wagin although depleted with the loss of a big number of players looked to be taking the game right up to the Cougars in the early part of the first term.

However, with Graeme Bolt taking advantage of Nathan Ditchburn’s ruck work and Jon Ward well and truly on top in the forward area with the opportunities coming his way, Cougars took control and after kicking 10 goals in the opening term, raced away to win by 132 points and regain second place on the ladder.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung looking different in their original strip of red and white, had little trouble in extending their lead at each break with their players on top all over the ground.

Todd Richards, the Robinsons and Painter brothers tried hard all day but were unable to turn the tide.

For Cougars, Jon Ward finished with 10 goals and was a more than capable focal point up forward with strong support from the entire side, but Peter Joyce and Josh Ball were great contributors.

Narrogin Hawks had a cake-walk in Pingelly where the local side were another club suffering from loss of players at this crucial time of the season.

Hawks started the game at full pace and also had 10 goals on the board by the end of the first term.

Panthers had no answer and were unable to stem the tide as Hawks kicked eight goals, eight goals and 11 goals in the other three quarters to finish up with 37 goals and winning by 211 points.

For Hawks, Perrin Quartermaine and Blake Stott each kicked seven goals with another 11 players getting among the goals.

Luke Fields and Steve Boughton continued their great Carnival form and were the best for Hawks, while for Panthers, Kurt McKain kicked two goals and with Travis Allington and Brodie Cunningham tried hard but lacked support.

Katanning Wanderers let a chance to keep right on Hawks tail in the fight for a top four spot slip, when they failed against Wickepin at home.

Wickepin jumped away to a five goal lead by the end of the first term, and while they came back strong in the second term, Wanderers failed by seven points to reign the Warriors in, and are now caught in a three-team struggle for that fourth place.

Wanderers had more scoring shots but better accuracy in front of goals by Warriors gave them an edge.

For Wickepin, Caen Taylor was in good form with seven goals and got good support from Aaron Quartermaine and Luke Crouch.

Ryan Flugge was Wanderers top scorer with three and Laurie Collard, Travis Justins and Tyler Caldwell their best.

It was a very tight game at Williams where the top two were engaged.

It was so tight that no goals were scored in the first term with Cats kicking six points and Eagles one.

Inaccurate kicking for goal plagued the Cats in the second term and although they had had 14 scoring shots to just four, they went in at half-time leading by only 22 points.

It was a very even third term with neither side able to gain any real advantage, and Cats outlasted Boddington in the final term to win by 26 points and take a two game break at the top of the ladder.

With just three rounds left, Hawks, Wanderers and Wickepin are all possible of taking that fourth place, and round 16 should see a couple of elimination finals to decide.


Kukerin/Dumbleyung versus Wagin at Nenke Park


Kukerin/Dumbleyung 10.3, 15.4, 22.11, 26.16 (179) defeated Wagin 2.0, 5.0, 5.2, 7.5 (47).

Goal scorers: Kukerin/Dumbleyung: J Ward 10, J Doney 3, S Jefferis 3, D Gooding 2, J Ball 2, L Tucker 2, C Doney 1, N Ditchburn 1, M McWhirter 1, P Joyce 1.

Wagin: T Richards 2, D Tulley 2, B Boundy 1, R Scardetta 1, T Anthony 1.

Best players: Kukerin/Dumbleyung: J Ward, P Joyce, J Ball, M McWhirter, R Gooding, C Doney.

Wagin: T Richards, S Robinson, B Robinson, S Quoid, A Painter, R Scardetta.


Kukerin/Dumbleyung 2.1, 4.3, 6.5, 9.7 (61) defeated Wagin 2.3, 4.5, 5.5, 6.6 (42).

Goal scorers: Kukerin/Dumbleyung: D Leo 5, D Head 1, A Hunt 1, G Ball 1.

Wagin: D Baxter 2, T Harrington 1, K Davidson 1, M Adams 1, N Pearce 1.

Best players: Kukerin/Dumbleyung: D Leo, W Astbury, M Pracy, J Tucker, R Smith, K Patterson.

Wagin: M Adams, F Echiniz, B Becker, B Ward, D Cole, D Baxter.


Wagin 3.3, 7.5, 13.8, 19.9 (123) defeated Kukerin/Dumbleyung 1.0, 4.0, 5.1, 7.3 (45).

Goal scorers: Wagin: L Marley 8, R Andrews 3, K Hamersley 2, J Barritt 1, J Stephens 1, S Ward 1, J Tioki 1, B Sprigg 1, J Putland 1.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: Not provided.

Best players: Wagin: L Marley, R Andrews, S Ward, D Hosking, J Stephens, J Barritt.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: C Robertson-Hall, S Bowron, J Angwin, J Stephens, L Ward, J Harrington.


Wagin 4.2, 8.5, 9.7, 10.7 (67) defeated Kukerin/Dumbleyung 0.2, 1.4, 5.5, 10.5 (65).

Best players: Wagin: M Shalders, J Spurr, B Morgan, K Hamersley, C Ward, J Winmar.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: B Carruthers, C Ditchburn, H Edwards, N Kirk, M Browne.

Katanning Wanderers versus Wickepin at Quartermaine Oval


Wickepin 7.4, 10.4, 15.6, 18.7 (115) defeated Katanning Wanderers 2.1, 8.7, 13.9, 16.12 (108).

Goal scorers: Wickepin: C Taylor 7, J Miller 3, J Bolt 3, L Crouch 2, C Medcalf 1, J Lee 1, J Flavel 1.

Katanning Wanderers: R Flugge 3, L Collard 2, T Fitzgerald 2, D Maksimovic 2, T Caldwell 2, J Bellve 1, D Kalejs 1, R Marris 1, D Obst 1, J Sergeant 1.

Best players: Wickepin: C Taylor, A Quartermaine, L Crouch, G Leeson, J Winmar, W Astbury.

Katanning Wanderers: L Collard, T Justins, T Caldwell, D Obst, R Marris, R Flugge.


Katanning Wanderers 5.5, 9.10, 11.10, 12.15 (87) defeated Wickepin 3.1, 5.2, 7.10, 7.10 (52).

Goal scorers: Katanning Wanderers: A Ward 6, M Kitchen 2, B Bedson 1, J Barritt 1, D Stade 1, K Wise 1.

Wickepin: B Thorne 3, J Quartermaine 1, Matthew Riley 1, C Penny 1, R Ugle 1.

Best players: Katanning Wanderers: T Riley, A Ward, B Quartermaine, B Watson, Z Hatfield, K Wise.

Wickepin: M Wyatt, J Fortini, D Taylor, G Miller, B Elson, Murray Riley.

Williams versus Boddington at Williams


Williams 0.6, 3.11, 5.16, 8.16 (64) defeated Boddington 0.1, 1.3, 3.7, 5.8 (38).

Goal scorers: Williams: Gerard Medlen 2, N Panizza 2, A Crosby 1, D Fergus 1, M Gilhome 1, Glynn Medlen 1.

Boddington: S Ayres 1, B Luttrell 1, K Ransted 1, A Townsend 1, D Young 1.

Best players: Williams: J Price, B Kain, B Hardie, L Crosby, D Fergus, M Gillett.

Boddington: K Lang, M Banks, B Luttrell, D Hassett, A Townsend, C Beavis.


Williams 6.3, 6.4, 10.9, 14.11 (95) defeated Boddington 1.1, 1.2, 1.2, 2.2 (14).

Goal scorers: Williams: J Moore 5, R Wilkie 5, R Ford 1, J Phelps 1, D Ford 1, L Johnstone 1.

Boddington: M Salmeri 1, G Wilson 1.

Best players: Williams: R Wilkie, J Moore, B Melchiorre, M Duff, G Fisher, J Banks.

Boddington: R Gillingham, C Bailey, M Salermi, G Wilson, D Cunnington, L Hurst.


Boddington 14.15 (99) defeated Williams 4.7 (31).

Goal scorers: Boddington: Not provided.

Williams: Not provided.

Best players: Boddington: L Gillespie, M Salmeri, P Dawson, T Coulthard, L Harris.

Williams: B Lavender, T Banks, G Fowler, T Garnier, J Bunch, B McGowan.


Boddington 5.6, 11.8, 14.10, 17.13 (115) defeated Williams 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 2.1 (13).

Best players: Boddington: E Batt, J Cogden, M Brown, O McClure, J Atkins.

Williams: A Penny, B Meyer, C Haydock, Z Ogg, B Battley, R Cowcher.

Brookton/Pingelly versus Narrogin Hawks at Pingelly


Narrogin Hawks 10.6, 18.16, 26.18, 37.20 (242) defeated Brookton/Pingelly 0.0, 1.0, 3.1, 5.1 (31).

Goal scorers: Narrogin Hawks: P Quartermaine 7, B Stott 7, C Allison 5, R Kickett 3, K Mead 2, L Field 2, B Forrest 2, B Fotheringhame 2, S Broad 2, S Boughton 2, R Spanswick 1, D Keighran 1, J Denholm 1.

Brookton/Pingelly: K McKain 2, A House 1, N Haslam 1.

Best players: Narrogin Hawks: L Fields, S Boughton, S Broad, K Mead, R Nardini, B Stott.

Brookton/Pingelly: K McKain, T Allington, B Cunningham, T Crawford, N Karmann, L Gray.


Narrogin Hawks 3.1, 14.9, 20.15, 29.18 (192) defeated Brookton/Pingelly 0.0, 0.1, 0.1, 0.2 (2).

Goal scorers: Narrogin Hawks: F Collard 7, R Edgley 6, D Noel 6, J Holmes 3, A Eades 2, B Brennan 2, G Heil 1, P Hagley 1, J Draper 1.

Best players: Narrogin Hawks: A Eades, D Noel, B Timms, R Edgley, N Miller, C Potter.

Brookton/Pingelly: G Auldist, D Kirk, M English, T Fry, B Evenis, B Langdon.


Narrogin Hawks 2.4, 3.5, 8.10, 11.12 (78) defeated Brookton/Pingelly 0.1, 1.2, 1.2, 3.4 (22).

Goal scorers: Narrogin Hawks: N Andrada 5, M Walker 2, M Abraham 2, B Brennan 1, H Hicks 1.

Brookton/Pingelly: T Kirk 1, D Kirk 1, J Wiles 1.

Best players: Narrogin Hawks: P Beresford, N Miller, M Wells, N Andrada, B Brennan, H Hicks.

Brookton/Pingelly: T Blechynden, D Townsend, D Kirk, C Hathaway, M Wiles, J Hughes.


Brookton/Pingelly 1.2, 6.3, 6.6, 9.9 (63) defeated Narrogin Hawks 0.1, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 (3).

Best players: Brookton/Pingelly: T Kirk, D Boyce, T Blechynden, L Kirk, B Page, K Hughes.

Narrogin Hawks: I Ugle, R Fleay, M Moore, J Hilder, D Anderson, A Legas.

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