Gaige Kapene, Max Howell and Declyan Hayward are eager to see what is inside their Bankwest show bag. WAGIN District High School pre-primary students, and their teachers Maree Clark and Calida Hodgkin, recently visited the local Bankwest branch.
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Prior to their visit the children talked about the bank and how they thought it worked and decided on some questions to ask branch manager Brenden Hall.

The class wrote a letter to the bank stating why they would like to visit and drew some pictures which are displayed inside the bank.

Mr Hall quizzed the children on the different denominations of money and gave them a short talk about saving and spending money responsibly.

The children had a cuddle with the bank’s squirrel and Ted mascots, who are the stars of the Bankwest commercials on television.

Most of the children were also eager to try out the manager’s chair in his office.

Perhaps one day in the future, one of these children may go on to become the local branch manager.

At the conclusion of the tour, the children were excited to receive their show bags containing a certificate, Bankwest colouring-in book and some Bankwest lollipops and balloons.

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