Ben Robinson played his 200th league game for Wagin on July 1 against the Katanning Wanderers at Quartermaine Oval in Katanning. Robinson had sons Flinn and Liam by his side to celebrate the milestone game.THE three top sides in the League held their places after wins on the weekend and Wanderers jumped up to fifth place with a strong win over Wagin.
Nanjing Night Net

After two losses in the past three rounds, Williams needed to record a win to keep their top two finish in sight.

Against Hawks who also needed to win to keep their place in the four safe, Cats opened up with a strong first quarter and kept Hawks goalless.

The game was marred by some poor kicking for goal by both sides, but Williams were gradually increasing their lead to half time.

A better third quarter effort from Hawks saw them reduce the deficit by three quarter time, but an even final term still had them 23 points down at the final siren.

Coach Bryan Hardie top scored with five goals for the winners with Luke Crosby and Matt Gillett their best.

Brent Fotheringhame was in fine touch in front of goals again with four and Sam Broad and Dean Keighran were the best for Hawks.

Out at Wickepin, it was the home side who got away to a better start and were still leading at half-time – due in part to Kukerin/Dumbleyung’s inaccuracy in front of goals.

However, once again the third quarter was a turning point with Cougars kicking eight goals to Wickepin’s one, and took a strong hold on the game.

They finished the game in good style with another four goals to one final term to keep pressure on Williams for that top spot.

Troy Ditchburn and Ross Gooding put in strong efforts for Cougars while Grady Francis and Jolon Fleay were the best for Wickepin.

Boddington had little trouble in accounting for Brookton/Pingelly in the early game on Saturday.

Boddington, in search for a top two finish, jumped out from the start and had Panthers struggling when the raced away with a nine-goal first quarter effort.

They continued to apply the pressure in the second term and went in at half-time over 10 goals ahead.

Percentage could play a big part in settling positions on the ladder come finals time, so Eagles didn’t relent as they continued to play good team football to increase their lead at every change.

With Kane Ransted having a field day in the forward line with eight goals and Adam Durack kicking four, Boddington stormed to a 97-point win to remain just the one game behind top place.

Joe McCormick and Matt Giumelli controlled the game around the midfield for the winners; while for Panthers Travis Allington and James Dent tried hard all day for Brookton/Pingelly.

Wanderers kept their final four chances alive with a very comfortable win over Wagin at home.

Both sides had the chance of moving up the ladder but it was Wanderers who showed more consistency and determination over the four quarters to take the game out by 78 points.

Wagin certainly didn’t help their cause with two goals 10 at half-time and still only two goals 15 at three quarter time, with some poor kicking under pressure.

They had almost the same number of scoring shots by half-time, but Wanderers were more than double their score.

With six goals in the third term, Wanderers put the game safely away as Wagin could manage only another five points to head into the final term 11 goals down.

Dale Maksimovic led the forward line and finished with eight goals while Todd Richards was Wagin’s major goal scorer with three.

Laurie Collard and Travis Justins were the best in a hardworking Wanderers side, and Sam Patterson and Richards tried hard to lift their side.

The win brings Wanderers up to fifth place, one and half games behind the top four, and they still have that light at the end of the tunnel.

Upper Great Southern Football results

THE latest round of the Upper Great Southern Football League was played last weekend.

Boddington versus Brookton/Pingelly at Boddington


Boddington 9.2, 14.6, 19.12, 24.14 (158) defeated Brookton/Pingelly 1.3, 4.3, 6.3, 9.7 (61).

Goal scorers: Boddington: K Ransted 8, A Durack 4, B Edwards 3, D James 3, B Luttrell 2, T Bruce 2, M Giumelli 1, K Lang 1.

Brookton/Pingelly: B Cunningham 3, C Lawrence 2, J Dent 2, M Cochrane 1, T Allington 1.

Best players: Boddington: J McCormick, M Giumelli, D James, K Ransted, A Townsend, K Lang.

Brookton/Pingelly: T Allington, J Den t, A Gray, B Cunningham, B Evenis, L Gray.


Boddington 6.4, 10.6, 12.8, 20.11 (131) defeated Brookton/Pingelly 0.0, 2.1, 3.2, 3.3 (21).

Goal scorers: Boddington: B Cowcher 6, J Reid 5, J Guy 2, D Douglas 2, D Hay 2, R Rogers 1, J Crossman 1, W Cunnington 1.

Brookton/Pingelly: Not provided.

Best players: Boddington: B Cowcher, J Guy, J Crossman, G Wilson, J Dickson, B Pett.

Brookton/Pingelly: D Robson, P Whiteley, B Langdon, A Marshall, L Blechynden, N Ferguson.


Boddington 4.5, 10.8, 14.9, 23.12 (150) defeated Brookton/Pingelly 0.1, 1.1, 1.1, 2.1 (13).

Goal scorers: Boddington: S Ventris 6, L Gillespie 3, P Dawson 2, T Coulthard 2, M Salmeri 1, M Almenara 1, M Cornish 1, R Cunnington 1, C Salmon 1, E Smart 1, K Hill 1, L Harris 1, D Thorne 1, D Biggs 1.

Brookton/Pingelly: J Hughes 1, J Wiles 1.

Best players: Boddington: L Harris, K Hill, D Biggs, M Almenara, S Ventris, P Dawson.

Brookton/Pingelly: D Kirk, M Smith, T Blechynden, J Ballard, C Hathaway, J Hughes.


Brookton/Pingelly 0.0, 2.1, 4.2, 5.5 (35) defeated Boddington 0.0, 1.0, 2.2, 2.2 (14).

Best players: Brookton/Pingelly: T Blechynden, D Boyce, B Fairhead, B Parson, A Williams, T Kirk.

Boddington: C Kelsall, M Brown, J O’Callagahan, B Clements, J Atkins.

Wickepin versus Kukerin/Dumbleyung at Wickepin


Kukerin/Dumbleyung 1.4, 4.10, 12.12, 16.17 (113) defeated Wickepin 4.2, 8.6, 9.10, 10.13 (73).

Goal scorers: Kukerin/Dumbleyung: Not provided.

Wickepin: Not provided.

Best players: Kukerin/Dumbleyung: T Ditchburn, R Gooding, R Taylor, N Ditchburn, C Davidson, K Gooding.

Wickepin: G Francis, J Fleay, L Crouch, R Ballard, J Flavel, F Wittwer.


Wickepin 2.3, 7.9, 14.12, 21.16 (142) defeated Kukerin/Dumbleyung 1.2, 1.3, 3.3, 3.3 (21).

Goal scorers: Wickepin: Murray Riley 4, Matthew Riley 3, Justin Ferguson 3, C Penny 3, G Miller 3, J Quartermaine 2, W Ferguson 1, L Lansdell 1, B Thorne 1.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: Not provided.

Best players: Wickepin: W Ferguson, D Bennier, G Miller, L Winmar, C Penny, J Quartermaine.

Kukerin/Dumbleyung: Not provided.

Williams versus Narrogin Hawks at Williams


Williams 4.6, 8.15, 11.17, 13.23 (101) defeated Narrogin Hawks 0.4, 3.8, 8.12, 11.12 (78).

Goal scorers: Williams: B Hardie 5, M Gilhome 3, A Crosby 2, S Gillett 1, D McWha 1, J Price3 1.

Narrogin Hawks: B Fotheringhame 3, A Moe 3, L Field 2, R Kickett 2, S Boughton 1.

Best players: Williams: M Gillett, L Crosby, N Panizza, J Price, M Gilhome, D McWha.

Narrogin Hawks: S Broad, D Keighran, A Moe, L Rasmussen, K Mead, J Denholm.


Williams 1.1, 3.6, 6.7, 11.9 (75) defeated Narrogin Hawks 2.1, 4.3, 5.10, 7.10 (52).

Goal scorers: Williams: J Moore 2, M Duff 2, T Piesse 2, C Ford 2, J Kain 1, J Banks 1.

Narrogin Hawks: S McMillan 2, F Collard 1, A Eades 1, D Noel 1, R Corasaniti 1, W Kickett 1.

Best players: Williams: J Kain, D Medlen, M Duff, T Piesse, Josh Medlen.

Narrogin Hawks: S Nelson, M O’Rourke, M Fazey, T lock, S McMillan, J Miller.


Narrogin Hawks 2.2, 4.5, 6.8, 12.11 (83) defeated Williams 2.1, 2.1, 3.3, 3.5 (23).

Goal scorers: Narrogin Hawks: M Walker 4, B Kempton 4, R McNab 2, N Miller 1, H Hicks 1.

Williams: T Banks 1.

Best players: Narrogin Hawks: N Miller, B Brennan, M Walker, H Hicks, A Kickett, T Mead.

Williams: T Banks, T Garnier, G Tooke, B McGowan, E Woods, J Andrews.


Narrogin Hawks 2.5, 7.10, 13.13, 16.14 (110) defeated Williams 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 (0).

Best players: Narrogin Hawks: I Ugle, R Fleay, K Bowden, E Coleman, C Gooding.

Williams: M Cowcher, C Haydock, J Webster, J Dowling, B Battley, K Cowcher.

Katanning Wanderers versus Wagin at Quartermaine Oval


Katanning Wanderers 4.6, 7.8, 13.15, 20.19 (139) defeated Wagin 1.4, 2.10, 2.15, 7.19 (61).

Goal scorers: Katanning Wanderers: D Maksimovic 8, L Collard 4, R Flugge 3, T Justins 1, R Marris 1, J Sergeant 1, T Caldwell 1, J Wintle 1.

Wagin: T Richards 3, S Hagger 2, D Tulley 2.

Best players: Katanning Wanderers: L Collard, T Justins, T Caldwell, K Shepherd, D Kalejs, D Maksimovic.

Wagin: S Patterson, T Richards, D Fazioli, S Price, J Wallace, D Sprigg.


Wagin 2.2, 8.7, 16.8, 19.10 (114) defeated Katanning Wanderers 7.8, 11.9, 13.10, 15.13 (103).

Goal scorers: Wagin: A Toy 7, B Boundy 4, D Wallam 4, M Adams 2, N Pearce 2.

Katanning Wanderers: A Ward 6, Z Hatfield 2, T Riley 1, M Durack 1, S Dzaferovic 1, H Khap 1, G Argent 1, D Stade 1, M Kitchen 1.

Best players: Wagin: A Toy, M Adams, R Cutforth, B Pearce, B Boundy, D Wallam.

Katanning Wanderers: D Obst, A Ward, M Durack, M Kitchen, S Abbott, S Dzaferovic.


Katanning Wanderers 3.3, 7.7, 9.7, 13.9 (87) defeated Wagin 0.0, 0.0, 2.3, 3.4 (22).

Goal scorers: Katanning Wanderers: K Stewart 3, J Wintle 2, R Nicholson 2, Khallan Zilm 2, T Armstrong 2, B Woods 1, R Johnston 1.

Wagin: L Taylor 2, B Sprigg 1.

Best players: Katanning Wanderers: Khallan Zilm, R Nicholson, Keiran Zilm, K Stewart, D lambert, L Jury.

Wagin: L Taylor, C Holder, T Coleman, D Hosking, R Andrews, J Stephens.


Katanning Wanderers 5.2, 7.7, 10.7, 16.8 (104) defeated Wagin 0.1, 3.1, 3.3, 3.4 (22).

Best players: Katanning Wanderers: A Altus, A McKay, S Norrish, R Nicholson, E Farmer, M Deer.

Wagin: K Hamersley, M Shalders, B Morgan, D Watt, J Kirk, C Ward.

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