A BEAUTIFUL day in Kulin led to a double win for Kukerin on the weekend even though the – grade, under stand-in coaches Marisa Edwards and Marnie West, seemed a little down in the first half.
Nanjing Night Net

Kulin definitely had the upper hand and scored the only goal in the first half.

In the second half Kukerin lifted but soon after a first goal from Jared Nenke the team went into top gear and dominated the play.

Ciara Clarke, Michaela Dowdell and Carissa West fed the forward line all day.

Jared Nenke scored the second goal from the top of the D after a short corner and the team was on fire.

Jorja Kirby continues to impress in the backline.

It was a great team effort and a better team attitude this week.

The A-grade was pumped and ready to roll but not without a little pre-game humour and frivolity, which make the team rather unique.

Michelle Carew Reid scored the first goal and got the team excited.

The first half was a hard fought tussle between the two sides and Megan Chadwick was strong in defence while Michelle Gooding continues to rock the centre and work the ball into the forward line.

It was lovely to have Deb Doney back in the team for a little visit too.

In the second half a sigh of relief was heard by all as the second goal was scored by Michelle Gooding and Amanda Davidson scored the third and sealer, with an impressive deflection on the post.

With excellent on field support from the goalie Helen, the final score was 3-0.

It was a great hard-fought win.

Next week Kukerin plays against Kondinin at home and people are encouraged to come and support the team.

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